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CLN301_Vata-Anxiety-Depression_Numbness_Followup V3P2K1

Main concerns:



Overworking to a point of feeling overwhelmed

A bit gassy recently

2-3 bowel movements per day (pitta) tend to be loose, memory is poor (vata) “what memory?” , experiences ringing in ears, losing numbness in feet after starting herbs, taking garlic for immunity and digestion, irregular eating sometimes forgets to eat, some dizziness


Oleate with sesame oil or vata soothing medicated oil diluted 1 part medicated to 4 parts sesame oil before shower (focus on abdomen and pelvic girdle) + same oil in ears at bedtime for ringing in ears

Drink 8-12 cups of water daily try three cups warm in the morning to stimulate Agni

Be sure to eat at regular times following vata diet take a proper sit down lunch when digestion (Agni) is highest

Be careful not to over soap this can disturb vata

Take ½ teaspoon triphala at bedtime

Take following formula 3 times daily 1 teaspoon with 1 teaspoon honey (raw) in hot water:

5 parts Ashwagandha for numbness and to generally soothe vata

5 parts Jatamamsi for liver, anxiety and memory

5 parts Brahmi for memory and anxiety

3 parts Guduchi for anxiety, hypoglycemia and memory

2 parts Avipattikar for gas, hypoglycemia and vata/pitta digestion

2 parts Bhringaraj for memory and anxiety

3 parts Saraswati for memory, anxiety and cold extremities

3 parts Yogaraj guggulu for cold extremities and numbness

2 parts Kapikacchu for male reproductive health

1 part Shilajit for prostate, bladder and reproductive health

3 parts Musta for digestion

3 parts Jyotismati for flavor and warming to soothe cold vata

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