**Main Health Concerns**




**Constitution (Prakruti/ Genetic-Karmic Makeup):** V3 P1 K2

**Current State/ Vikruti:** V2

No personal details discussed.

**Energy level:** Variable

**Sleep:** No problems

**Primary Emotions:** Anxiety, stress

**Memory:** Slowly and remember

**Fingernails/moons:** Large moons also on ring finger shows metabolism is off – ask the question here if the problem is cold (Vata or Kapha style?) or hot. Note: The worst metabolism is where there is no moon on all the fingers.

**Regular eating:**. Poor appetite, regular eating

**Bowel movements:** 1-2, can be well formed

**Pulse:** Vata, with Kapha secondary – had coffee and hour before. Strong organs pulse.

**Tongue:** Looks healthy overall: A little bit of teeth marks which shows malabsorption. Line down the middle shows Vata.

**Temperature:** Cold in the knees

**Pain: ** Upper and lower back pain

**Agni:** Can be gasey


Drinks coffee

Quit smoking earlier in the year


Follow Vata diet

**Custom Herbal Formula**

1 tsp 3 x day, with hot water, right before each meal

2pts **Chitrak** //Plumbago Zeylanica// – soothes Vata and warm him up

3pts **Brahmi** help memory (he is a student)

3pts **Jatamansi** - with the Brahmi for anxiety, good student formula

3pts **Avipattikar** – pain, cold knees, appetite, gas

3pts **Bala** - strength

3pts **Musta** -

Triphala – ½ tsp one hour before bed on an empty stomach

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