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**Health Consultation**

Audio recording:

Patient’s Prakruti

Prakruti = V3P2K1

 * Born premature
 * [[date of birth]]: January 15, 1971 in California
 * [[time of birth]]: 8:00 pm
 * [[height]]: 5 feet 6 inches and [[weight]]: 125 pounds 
 * [[body at 10 years old]]: thin
 * [[primary emotion when out of balance]]: anxiety
 * [[secondary emotion when out of balance]]: irritable
 * [[memory]]: learn fast, forget fast
 * [[energy]]: drops off around 3:00 pm
 * [[bowel movement]]: one or two loose stools a day
 * [[appetite]]: hungry and dizzy when delayed, irregular and eat at night
 * Dry skin
 * goes to bed late
 * [[menstruation]]: early, cramping
 * [[bone structure]]: thin
 * [[pulse]]: vata 

Patient’s Health Concerns

 * [[anxiety]], [[panic attack]], [[stiff neck]], [[ringing in the ears]], low back pain
 * subtle [[hand tremors]], [[eye tremors]], drums fingers
 * hot face at times, negativity, skeptical, irritable
 * downward [[dimple]] (sadness)

Patient’s Vikruti

vikruti = high vata disturbances


Take one teaspoon of the following customized herbal formula with warm water 30 minutes before meals three times a day for six weeks:

 * 5 parts [[Ashwagandha]] (sooths vata disturbances)
 * 4 parts [[Jatamansi]] (sooths vata and pitta, anxiety)
 * 3 parts [[Brahmi]] (helps anger, negativity)
 * 2 parts [[Musta]] (sooths pitta and vata, lower back pain)
 * 2 parts [[Saraswati Churna]] (sooths vata)
 * 2 parts [[shankhapushpi]] (sooths mind, liver, anger) 
 * 1 part [[indian valarian]] (sooths nervous system)

Put 3 – 5 drops of super nasya oil in each nostril twice a day (morning and night) until bottle is empty. Apply with head upside down. Massage with pinkie finger, and then do five minutes of alternate nostril breathing.


 * follow daily routine
 * realize contentment and stability; don’t change everything
 * do [[vata soothing yoga poses]] and [[meditation]] daily
 * apply warm [[sesame oil]] or [[herbal oil]] to entire body for 5 – 10 minutes before shower
 * apply warm oil to soles of feet before bed and sesame oil in the ears
 * do [[vata soothing aromatherapy]] using oils such as rose or amber 
 * No coffee or tea

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