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Review 1

**Filename:** CLN301_Vata_Muscle_Twitching_Numbness_01162005.mp3

**Main Health Concerns:**

 * Brain Fog
 * Muscle weakness 
 * Twitching  Vata 
 * Numbness Vata 
 * Ringing in 1 ear w/ red spot behind it
 * A bout of osteoarthritis at same time

**Current State (Vikruti):** Kapha 3.54, Slightly elevated Vata, P2

**Constitution (Prakruti/Genetic-Karmic Makeup) is:** V1P2K3

**Birth Date-Time-Place:**

  • Date: 7-27-1972 Pitta
      * Time: 6:30 PM Kapha 
      * Place: Cleveland OH Pitta
    • Height /Weight ratio:** 5’5” 240 Kapha

**BP:** A little high now, Kapha

**Cholesterol:** Not high that know of.

**Bone Structure:** Kapha primary

**As a Child of 10 years old:** Chubby Kapha

**Blood Type:** B= (80% of the time Kapha Primary)

**Profession:** Medical Student

**Energy Level Overall:** Fairly stable

**Sleep:** Good in general until the difficulties start, then become anxious. Sometimes get dizzy when close eyes when first lay down at night at 1am. Sleep deeply and easy to get up in the morning.

**Primary Emotions:** Anxious

**Secondary Emotions:** Depressed

**Caffeine:** 3 weeks ago, no black tea or coffee, sensitive to caffeine get irregular heartbeat. Vata disturbance

**Memory:** Learn fast and remember. Last week and a half feel like I have a brain fog.

**Bowel Movement:** Variable, 3 or 5 or not at all in a day. Occasional constipation.Vata ** Stool sinks, leaves traces (toxins) or Floats (healthy)?** Sink, w/ some mucus in stool, mostly solid.

**Agni (Digestion):** Appetite is good, to miss a meal is rare

**Mucous in Morning?** No

**Color of Mucous?** Yellowish-Greenish when blow nose, feel like throat is stuck with mucuous. Pitta w/ Kapha

**Ama (Toxins) from Tongue Exam:** Line/crack down center of tongue. Chronic Vata disturbance. No coating and no cracks other than the one down center. Minor teeth marks showing subtle malabsorption. Shows a little bit of spleen disturbance.

**Earlobes:** No abnormalities

**Pulse:** Show Vata and kapha. Dual doshak disturbance. Can barely feel liver pulse, is weak due to kapha. Fairly strong pitta pulse that doesn’t dissapear when push on it. Doesn’t fight back. Vata in heart kapha in heart. Vata is anxiety, Kapha is depression.

**Nails:** Show Vata disturbance

 * Moons:  pale, but present on all 3

**Pain:** Some backpain on one side.

**Onset of Menstruation:** 11 to 13

**Menstrual Difficulties:** Regular frequency, Heavy flow, if eat poorly then notice it is painful.

**Discharges:** None

**Number of children:** 0

**Custom Herbal Formula Prescribed:**

 * 4 parts Brahmi Centella asiatica, Sooth brain fog, kapha
 * 4 parts Terminalis Arjuna for heart soothes Pita and Kapha, will not disturb in this formula. 
 * Lead W/ Punarnava (Boerhavia Diffusa; means eternally renewed) pita kapha in liver where poor metabolism of fats where there is depression, including liver stagnation, also good for puffiness during menstruation
 * 4 parts Ashwaghanda (means smells like horse) for numbness and cramping, for vata disturbance in musculoskeletal and nervous system. 
 * 3 parts Kaishore Guggulu good for neurological things in the joints, bones, nervous system, liver, helps liver metabolism of fat, strenghtens the heart, good whenever there is twitching and tremors, good big sister of Aswaghanda. Soothes mostly pita kapha
 * 3 parts Chitrak (Plumbago Zeylanica) soothes vata increases pita soothes kapha mostly for kapha to improve slow sluggish metabolism 
 * 5 parts of Changkapushi for memory, depression, fog
 * 1 part Vacha Acorus Calamus (good speech) clarity of mind and will kindle metabolism while helping memory 
 * 2 parts Gogsura Guggula for Liver/Kidney soothes kapha and vata especially, adds a little more guggulu for tremors

Take 3x per day In the middle of each meal to act on the liver. Take with1 tsp raw uncooked honey combined with 1 tsp of bhala wine, an anupan (catalytic agent), with 1 tsp Bala wine with 4 to 8 ounces of hot, pure water.

Standard Triphala: 1/2 teaspoon if loose stool, 1 teaspoon if constipation tendancy tea in 1 teaspoon of honey. Add the honey after boil the triphala.

**Other Recommendations:**

 * Go to sleep earlier and wake up earlier, going to sleep past 11 will disturb Vata. Is ok to get 4 to 6 hours, but better to wake up earlier. Wake up before dawn, before 6 am to help keep Kapha from getting out of balance.  
 * Drink about 4 to 6 cups of water a day, a little less than usual 
 * Any form of exercise is good for kapha disturbance, do something daily that in a balanced and stable way.
 * Avoid dairy, sweets, sour, and salty
 * Predominance of food 
 * Be regular in lifestyle, don’t worry in Autumn, stay busy to get out of the lethargy. 
 * Make vows, resolutions; kapha people can stick with them in a regular way.
 * Kapha is good to be Vegan. Avoid dairym, but especially cheese. Hot and spiced cheese if eat it, Goat is better once in a while for a treat. 
 * Eat fruits warm and in season. Pommegranite is especially good. Helps the liver, dries up mucuous. Eat seeds and pulpy stuff too.  Dried fruits are best. 
 * Worst fruit for Kapha is watermelon. 
 * Aromatherapy: Basil, Pine, Juniper, Cedar, Eucalyptus – volatile oil content opening up of lungs. Apply 1 drop to the different chakras after a shower. Will help pull out of brain fog. Want something a little spicy. 


 * September was bad, but then got better in December, but lately wake-up at 5:30, Vata time, and arms are numb. 
 * 5 Days ago had pain behind ear when woke up. Is kind of red, but has gotten better.
 * Feel like have brain fog, Kapha
 * Felt need to do fasting with fresh blackberry raspberry juice. Ginger and honey tea. Feel like not want to eat and feel very thirsty. 
 * Drinking about 64 ounces of water a day
 * Feeling a little chilly lately
 * Father died of heart disease
 * Concerned about ringing in ears and numbness at night might be circulatory
 * There is an indicator of heart stuff, depression or heart function involvement. 
 * Get up to urinate once or twice in middle of night
 * No history of mononucleosis 
 * No rec drugs, or alcohol
 * Do not usual drink milk
 * Want to start taking grapeseed extract since family has history of vericose veins to strengthen the walls. If ok for Kapha. 
 * Not much in eye tremors 
 * No ants no fruit flies around to indicate diabetes

Review 2

Audio recording:

prakruti = V1P2K3

 * born July 27 at 6:30 pm in Cleveland ([[season]]: [[pitta]], [[time]]: [[kapha]])
 * 5 feet 5 inches and 240 lbs; chubby at 10 years old
 * B [[blood type]]
 * kapha [[bone structure]]
 * soft, calming voice
 * sleeps well (until recently), good appetite, learn fasts and remembers well
 * [[menstruation]] started at 11 – 13 years old, regular
 * [[anxiety]] and [[depression]] when out of balance
 * [[heart disease]] in the family
 * Chemist, now studying first year medicine

Patient’s Health Concerns:

 * [[muscle weakness]], [[muscle twitching]], [[numbness]], and  [[osteoarthritis]] that starts in September and improves in December
 * sleep at 1:00 am, wake-up at 5:30 am with numbness and pain behind ear, and up once or twice at night to urinate
 * [[ringing in the ear]], feeling cold, [[back pain]]
 * Brain fog 
 * slightly [[high blood pressure]]
 * Either 3 – 5 bowel movements a day or [[constipation]], [[stool]] sinks and mucus 
 * Deep [[line down center of tongue]] 
 * fast [[pulse]], weak [[liver pulse]]
 * [[Anemia]], mostly [[vegetarian]]

vikruti = slightly elevated vata, elevated kapha

 * both vata and kapha in the heart
 * vata disturbance in the nervous system
 * vata disturbances are higher during vata season


 * When vata disturbed, go to bed before 11:00 pm, wake up early, and get 8 hours sleep
 * Drink less water for constitution, do exercise every day
 * do [[meditation]] to calm the mind
 * Don’t worry, stay busy
 * If eat cheese, eat fresh goat cheese and milk; avoid sweets; eat fruit for kapha at warm temperature
 * Do [[aromatherapy]]; rub pine, juniper, cedar, eucalyptus, or basil [[essential oils]] on [[chakras]] after shower

Take one teaspoon of the following customized herbal formula three times a day for four weeks. Take with 1 cup of hot water, 1 teaspoon of bala wine (herbal wine) and 1 teaspoon of raw uncooked honey. Take with meals to help liver.

 * x parts [[punarnava]] (sooths kapha, helps [[liver]])
 * 4 parts [[brahmi]] (improves [[memory]], [[depression]])
 * 4 parts [[arjuna]] (sooths kapha, helps heart and circulation)
 * 4 parts [[ashwaganda]] (sooths vata and kapha, help vata, disturbances in nervous system)
 * 3 parts [[kaishore guggulu]] (helps nervous system, liver, heart)
 * 3 parts [[chitrak]] (improves [[metabolism]])
 * 1 part [[vacha]] ([[Calamus root]]) (improves mental clarity, metabolism)
 * 2 parts [[Gokshura]] [[Guggulu]] (Gokshura – helps [[liver]]) (Guggulu - helps with twitching)
 * 5 parts [[Shankhapushpi]] (improves [[memory]], depression, brain fog)

Take 1/2 teaspoon of triphala when loose stool or 1 teaspoon when constipated in hot water and honey in the evening.

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