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Main concerns:

Nervous system

Pressure in back of head

High blood pressure 200/160 (kapha) not angry

High cholesterol

Heart palpitation (vata)

Shaking hands (vata)

Heartburn (pitta)

Insomnia (vata)

Born 12-12-53 (kapha season) in Mexico city (vata, kapha place) at 3:30 (vata time)173 pounds 5 feet 3 inches (kapha) proportions), medium build at 10 years old “(pitta), energy is low “could fall asleep anywhere” (kapha), 3 bowel movements per day (pitta) are loose (pitta), blood type is RH + (usually pitta/kapha dual), little bit of a spleen line, memory is good ( learn fast and remember) pitta, emotionally anxious, and impatient, sometimes scattered, enjoys swimming, has regular eating habit, skin is dry (vata), pulse shows weak liver and kidney contributing to fatigue, urinating at night 3 times, hair coming out (high vata),frequently losing patience affecting liver (pitta), drinks 3 liter of water a day, profuse sweating (pitta), raised catholic and has an affinity to metaphysic traditions


Decrease sweet and spicy foods to help heartburn

Oleate with warm ashwagandha bala oil before bath 2 ounces also on feet and in ears at bedtime

Add essential oils of preference to bath (any aroma you find soothing)

Meditation soothes anxiety try to achieve at least 5-10 minutes a day

Take following 3 times daily 1 teaspoon with 1 teaspoon honey:

3 parts Gokshuradi guggulu for polyuria, kidney

3 parts musta for digestion and weight

4 parts Shankhapushpi for liver

5 parts Punarnava for soothing general kapha

5 parts ashwagandha for energy, insomnia

5 parts bala for fatigue

3 parts Arjuna for heart

3 parts Dashamula to strengthen nervous system

4 parts brahmi for anxiety

3 parts tagar (valerian) for anxiety, insomnia

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