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Main concerns:

Shortness of breath (vata)

Dark purple tongue a couple of days ago (stagnant blood) grey yesterday with thick coating (ama)

Took 8 lemons with 2 inch piece of ginger and a pinch of salt phlegm came up, vomit was clear

Took Triphala 1 and a half teaspoons

1 B.M. per day is liquid

Has history of mitral valve prolapse


Fatigue (vata)

Random fasting (vata)

Goes to sleep between 10:30-12:30 and wakes between 7:30-8:00

Pulse is weak (vata)


Oleate with warm ashwagandha /bala oil 2 ounces daily

Use warm Dashamula oil in ears at bedtime to calm nerves

Take 1teaspoon 3 times daily of:

1 part triphala for liver stagnation

1 pat Arjuna for heart stagnation

1part ashwagandha to soothe vata and provide energy

1 part sitopaladi for digestive fire and flavor

1 part bala to improve strength

Also take dan shen pien tabs as directed

Her main health concerns:

Feeling clogged (Kapha)

Lethargic and emotional (vata) pushing (kapha)

Not digesting (vata)

Ringing in ears (vata)

Fainting (vata)

Irregular menstrual cycle (vata)

Nosebleeds (pitta)

(Pitta) headache (in the temples)

Sleeping on back causes wheezing (this disturbs vata)

Anxious (vata)

3 bowel movements a day loose in the morning but well formed by later in the day


Meditate with more regularity use mantra this will help with anxiety and irritability

Follow 7 point meditation using jatamamsi and /or myrrh oils for anointing

For perceived blockage areas use myrrh

Enough exercise daily to break a sweat and burn blockages

Focus on comfort in self

Take following 1 teaspoon three times daily with 1 teaspoon aloe gel:

3 parts licorice for mind and sweet flavor

5 parts Shankhapushpi for mind and liver

3 parts musta for lungs and skin

2 parts neem for skin

3 parts guduchi for mind and skin

4 parts Manjistha to purify blood

4 parts ashoka to regulate menstrual cycle

5 parts shatavari for menstrual health and energy

Take 1 half teaspoon of 1 part triphala and 1 part amalaki in evening before bed




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