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CLN301_VPK_VPK_12222006 V2P1K3_V2.5

Main concerns:

Palsy Vata

Hepatitis (9 years ago) Pitta

Weak nails with white spots Vata indicates calcium and zinc deficiency

Gastritis in past from spice Pitta started eating papaya to address

Occasional constipation Vata

Weight control Kapha

Pain in Knees Vata

Fibromyoma in breasts Kapha

Born 9-22-68 Vata time in Mexico City Vata/Kapha place at 10a.m. Pitta time, stands approx. 4’10” and weighs 123 pounds Kapha build, blood is o+ Pitta/Kapha dual 65% of the time, skinny at 10 years Vata, energy is variable Vata to medium Pitta/Kapha, emotions are anxious Vata followed by depression Kapha, memory is good (learns slow and remembers), cold hands and feet Vata, 1 bowel movement per day Kapha, has irregular eating times disturbing Vata,constantly changing schedule at work Vata, craves regularity Kapha, has white mucous Kapha from eating too much cheese, slow metabolism Kapha,no moons show Kapha primary, tongue is Kapha pink with no coating, menstrual cycle began at 11 years Pitta cycle is mildly irregular Vata painful Pitta and occasionally heavy Pitta with no discharge afterwards, goes to sleep at 10-11 p.m. wakes at 7:30 a.m.


  1. 1 most important exercise

Bhastrika pranayama (the breath of fire) can help burn fat, toxins, and stoke Agni (metabolism)

Meditate instead of nap to soothe Vata, standing meditations are best

Chanting will focus the mind and soothe vata: E Na li pye she di / or she dan dwo bo da la are suggestions

Wake up earlier sleep less

Follow Kapha diet, and eat at regular times

Take following formula 1 teaspoon 3 times daily with 1 teaspoon raw honey right after food:

5 parts Dashamula to strengthen nervous system

4 parts Chitrak for digestion

3 parts Brahmi for depression and anxiety

3 parts Maha sudarshan for lungs, mucous, and skin

3 parts Sitopaladi for lungs

3 parts Arjuna to dry up mucous and blockages

2 parts Bibhitaki to soothe Kapha



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