CLN301_VPK_VPK_Fatigue_Anemia_Constipation_Lower-Back-Pain_V12012008 V3P2K1-V3.5

Main concerns:

Fatigue Vata

Anemia Vata

Toxins in intestine and colon (Vata ama)

Not absorbing nutrients Pain in lower back Vata

Born 05-05-63 Pitta in Newton, Mass. Pitta at 9:25 p.m. Kapha, Blood type is B + (usually Vata/Kapha, stands 5’3” at 138 pounds Pitta bordering on Kapha, thin and muscular at 10 years Pitta, Energy is usually abundant Pitta “strong life force” Kapha, Mentally focused Pitta, recently scattered Vata, Emotionally alternate between anxiety, irritability, and depression, Sleep deprived waking at 2 or 3 a.m. Vata, sleeping more in the last few months but not feeling rejuvenated, Learns fast and remembers when balanced Pitta, 1-2 bowel movements per day Vata skips a day about once a week Vata stool sinks 1-2 times per month showing ama occasional traces on bowl, Eyes show kidney lines indicating ama in kidney and liver, Kidney pulse is weak, liver even weaker (burning out on anger), Water intake is variable Vata, normal to dry skin Vata, menstrual cycle began at 16 Kapha and has been very irregular Vata, Tongue is slightly dry with some mild cracking and scallops showing mild dehydration and malabsorption Vata , Appetite is strong Pitta


Nadi sodhana pranayama (alternate nostril breathing) with nasya oil 2-3 times daily for irritability and anxiety

Increase water intake up to 8-12 cups per day

Oleate with Vata massage oil before bathing

Use Bhringaraj oil on crown and feet for insomnia and in ear for ringing

Take following formula “soothing vata liver, kidney, female systems, digestion” 1 teaspoon with 1 teaspoon aloe vera gel 30 minutes before eating:

8 parts Bhringaraj for anxiety, insomnia and to tonify blood

5 parts Dashamula for Vata nerves

3 parts Ashoka for irregular cycle (women’s tonic)

3 parts Guggulu for joint pain, immune system, fatigue

3 parts Dan Xian to regulate heart

3 parts Hingvastak for Vata digestion

4 parts Brahmi for liver, anger

3 parts Musta for digestion, liver

2 parts Chitrak for digestion

2 parts vacha for memory and digestion

2 parts Dong Quai for women’s tonic

1 part Lohabasma for blood circulation

Follow up in about 60 days

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