CLN301_Wants-to-Stop-Smoking_High-Blood-Pressure_Uterine-Fibroids_2005 V1P2K3-K3.5

Main concerns: Want to stop smoking Blood in urine Uterine fibroids Kapha Stays up late, and wakes at 6-6:30 a.m. Lesion on left lung Kapha High cholesterol Kapha

Born 12-07-63 Kapha at 1 p.m. Pitta in Oakland Kapha/Vata, 5’7” 250 pounds Kapha, Chubby at 10 Kapha, Sleep good Kapha, Smokes at home only, A little heavy on the coffee, Emotionally irritable (fiery) Pitta Good slow memory learns slow and remembers Kapha, Steady energy Kapha, Has allergies pollen etc. Kapha, 1-2 bowel movements per day Pittathat are well formed Kapha, appetite is good but skips meals for work disturbing Vata, likes fine food Pitta, started menstruation at 12 years with regular cycle Kapha, Tongue is a little white and yellow coated indicating ama of Pitta and Vata nature, scallops show malabsorption, drinks cold water aggravating Kapha, fingernails previously had ridges indicating poor agni and malabsorption, now missing moons

Recommendations: Get into regular eating habit (don’t skip meals for work) Favor warm or room temperature beverages to cold Avoid oily, sweet, dense, salty, cloudy foods Get physically busy exercise to the sweating point every day Practice daily meditation (silent) for 5-10 minutes Nadi sodhana pranayama (alternate nostril breathing) with super nasya oil 2-3 times daily as possible for 5 minutes Take 1 teaspoon pippali asya after meals to stimulate agni Take 1 teaspoon triphala an hour before bedtime on empty stomach Take 1 teaspoon of following formula 3 times daily 30 minutes before food with 1 teaspoon of raw (unpasteurized) honey: 4 parts Brahmi for smoking 5 parts Punarnava for diuretic, depression, and metabolism 4 parts Chitrak for metabolism 3 parts Shankhapushpi for smoking 1 part Chandra prabhav for thyroid, metabolism 1 part Musta for metabolism 1 part Abhrak for immune system, lung growths

Follow up in about 4 weeks

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