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CLN301_Weight-Gain_Depression_Amenorrhea_2005 V1P3K2-V1.5K3 Main concerns: Cold hands vata “Hormonal” Gain of 10 pounds in the last month 1 year without period Depressed Born 9-1-77 (pitta turning to vata) Height 5” 7’ 150 pounds Blood type is O+ (pitta with kapha 65% of the time) Thin at 10, memory is good (learn fast and remember) pitta, lately energy is low vata with deep heavy sleep kapha, sleeps till 10 or 11 aggravating kapha, gets to bed by about 2 a.m. aggravating vata, irritable pitta and secondarily anxious vata, passes stool every other day kapha, started menstrual cycle at 9 years pitta, sometimes indulges in late night snacks vata, feeling unfocused vata, bones are pitta/kapha, has some cellulitis (water retention) Recommendations: eat at regular times, avoid cold beverages and ice cream, Take custom triphala consisting of: 5 parts haritaki 2 parts amalaki 2 parts bibhitaki 1 teaspoon before bed and upon waking, Take 1 teaspoon of following with 1 teaspoon draksha wine 3 times daily 30 minutes before food: 5 parts ashwagandha for vitality 5 parts Punarnava for depression 4 parts brahmi for depression 3 parts jatamamsi for anxiety 3 parts chitrak for metabolism, depression 3parts Chandra prabhav for thyroid, hormones, metabolism 3 parts guduchi for liver, energy 1 part jyotishmati for depression

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