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-see [[Dharma-Ending Age]]+The '''​Dharma Ending Age'''​ refers to the '''​[[age of degeneration]]'''​ (Skt. ''​[[kaliyuga]]'';​ [[རྩོད་ལྡན་གྱི་དུས་]],​ [[Wyl.]] ''​rtsod ldan gyi dus'',​ ''​tsöden gyi dü''​) — a period when there are [[five degenerations]]:​ [[life span]], [[negative emotions]] (the [[five poisons]] increase), [[beings]] (it is difficult to help them), [[time]]s ([[war]]s and [[famine]]s proliferate),​ [[view]]s ([[false view]]s or [[false belief]]s) that spread. 
 +The age of [[decline of the Buddha ​Dharma]] -- called the [[Dengenerate Age]] or [[Age of Decline of the Dharma]]. 
 +See also [[Proper Dharma Age]] and [[Dharma Image Age]] ([[Dharma Semblance Age]]) and also see [[Kali Yuga]] or [[Kaliyuga]] 
 +[[Category:​Dharma ​Ending Age]] 
 +[[Category:​Buddhist Sanskrit Terms]] 
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