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CLN301: V1P3K2-V2P3.5 Eczema, Asthma, Liver, Migraines, Anger, Yeast Infection 11-08-2008 Main Concerns: Eczema (dry, itchy, red, hot) P Asthma K D.O.B. 01-06-1981 K in Bogotá, Columbia K 6:00 Am K 5’ 3” 110 # P/K medium build @ 10 P, blood type is o+ P/K overall energy: easily lazy K yet intense P sensitive to cold wind V hard to go to sleep (yoga helps) insomnia from frustration , planning day , problem solving P don’t remember dreams V need total darkness to sleep (photophobic) P sound sensitive V warm hands on cold day P emotionally: irritable P , secondary anxious V good memory P good humor K learns slowly remembers most K B.P. & cholesterol normal B.M. 3-4 times daily P , loose P sinks every couple of days P ama dry skin V , acid reflux P , bitter taste in P working in theatre P (name & fame) light color stool OK itchy nose (sometimes anus) possibly parasites gassy burpy V occasional nausea relieved by B.M. or eating P strong appetite: irritable or dizzy waiting for food (P hypoglycemia) sarcastic humor P wet farts P drinks coffee w/ soymilk (very addicted in own words) try to wean off of coffee try replacing with yerba mate cool sleeping space is good tongue is normal P pink pulse is a little weak in liver menstrual @ 13 regular painful V tendency to yeast afterwards P leucorrhea (white discharge) K/wP gets headaches near eyes P nails are a little reddish P sometimes gets canker sores P Avoid spicy food savory is okay, try to cut back on shallots , leeks , garlic , onions , & coffee. Don’t multitask when eating just eat. Chew food longer and be aware of food combinations. Oleate with neem oil 1oz before bath every day use bakuchi oil on eczema (tough spots) look for a shower filter to remove chlorine take 1 tsp of turmeric 3x for next 30 days follow 7 point meditation using chandana (sandalwood) or other cooling scents for chakras AVOID sesame oil pranayama can include Both shitali and nadi sodhana techniques seed syllables to soothe pitta: Du lu du lu nan su syi di jai li saw a he contemplate 1day attribute of imbalance 1 day remedy in alternation start with p attributes then go to v & back take amalaki at bedtime ½ tsp if stool is loose 1 tsp if normal take skin, moon, mind, liver vp 3x 20-30 mins before eating with 1 tsp aloe, sugar, or maple syrup can add rice or soymilk if desired 6x guduchi for skin, liver, eyes, bitter 4x guggulu for skin 4x manjista pitta blood purifier 4x bakuchi for skin 5x neem bitter, liver, skin 1x kutki 5/1 extract for skin 3x ashoka painful cycle, skin, yeast 4x anantamula ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 3x kutaja for parasites, loose stool 3x chitrak parasites, liver, skin 3x avi pattikar digestion, acid belly 3x yasti madhu digestion, memory, yeast 4x shatavari digestion & cycle 3x shankapuspi liver, memory, insomnia 2x musta digestion, acid, gas follow up in about 60 days


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