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Four Great Elements

1) earth, 2) water, 3) fire, 4) wind.

While you are in your body, what is solid is of earth, what is moist is of water, what is warm is of fire, and what moves is of wind. (SS IV]] 144)

For additional discussion of the Four Great Elements, see the section on the form skandha under the listing for Five Skandhas.

1) Chinese: sz da , 2) Sanskrit: Mahabhuta, 3) Pali cattaro/catta-Maha-bhuta(ni),

4) Alternate [[translation]]s: [[four]] primary [[element]]s.

See Also: Five Skandhasform skandha. Five Elements, Pancha Maha Bhutas, Pancha Maha Bhuta, Panca Maha Bhuta, Maha Bhuta

BTTS References: HD 64; SS IV]] 22-25, 144, 148.

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