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Adapted from Fair Use Source: Traditional Chinese Herbal Sciences (TCHS) - Self-Study Course 2.0.7 by Roger W. Wicke, PhD, 1992-2003 by RMH-Publications Trust Rocky Mountain Herbal Institute; c/o PO Box 579; Hot Springs, Montana 59845 USA.

Glycyrrhizae, Rx *** 
Mandarin: gan- cao~ gan cao

Common name: licorice root

Bot. family: Leguminosae

Bot. name: Glycyrrhiza uralensis Primary function: Tonify Qi

2ndary functions: Clear Heat Toxins

Thermal qual.: neutral, warm when toasted

Taste: sweet

Guna: sattvic

Merid./Organ domain: Lu, LI, St, Sp, Ht, SI, UB, Kd, PC, TH, GB, Lv [all 12 meridians, but especially Sp, Lu]


[[Tonifies Spleen]] and benefits [[Qi]], especially when toasted. 
Moistens Lungs (soothes vata) and stops coughing. Detoxifies Fire Poison (soothes pitta); used as an antidote to certain poisons, both internally and externally. Relieves spasms of abdomen and legs. Harmonizes other herbs; used in lower doses for this purpose, and can be used in both Heat syndromes and Cold syndromes. (See Deficiency of Spleen Qi; Fire Poison (Heat Toxin) Evil; Stagnancy of Qi .) Cautions:

Contraindicated in Excess Dampness.

(See Interior Dampness Evil.) Dosage: 0.5-4 qian.

Toxicity: Relatively safe, except for tendency to cause hypertension (kapha) and edema (kapha) when taken for extended periods of time. Preparation: Presoak at least 2 hr. in warm water, then simmer 60-120 min. Notes:

  Has mineralocorticoid-like effects; decreases urinary output and sodium excretion and increases excretion of potassium. 
  Has glucocorticoid effects, and potentiates and prolongs the effects of cortisone. It has been used in cases of Addison's disease; the dosages of cortisone can often be reduced when Rx Glycyrrhizae is used. 
  A primary active ingredient is glycyrrhetinic acid, whose anti-inflammatory effects are weaker than those of cortisone. 
  Alleviates allergic reactions; inhibits development of artificially-induced ulcers in dogs. 
  When used together with many toxic substances and drugs, especially alkaloid drugs, it markedly reduces toxicity. 
  Prolonged ingestion may lead to hypertension, edema, and suppression of normal immune responses. 
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