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How to Create an Herbal Formula

How to create an Herbal formula

To make an Ayurvedic Herbal formula, here are guidelines:

1 teaspoon = 3 grams = 3000 milligrams

A total of 50 Herbs is sufficient to run an Ayurvedic Clinic.

We can look at it as 5 Herbs x 7 Dhatus = 35 Herbs, plus 15 additional ones.

Prescription is for the main Dosha, the main Dhatu, and the khavaigunya (weak part of the body, often an organ or a joint.

1st Herb - Dosha Pratyanika

Pratyanika or praty-anika pratyanika means hostile (to the disease),

opposed or opposite (to the disease),

injuring (to the disease),

withstanding (the disease),

resisting (the disease),

vying with (the disease),

an adversary or enemy (to the disease).


2nd Herb - addresses vikruti pratyanika

3rd Herb - vyadhi pratyanika, addresses the specific illness

4th Herb - lakshana pratyanika - specific to main symptoms


Dhatu pratyanika, ubhaya pratyanika - both Dosha and vyadhi – means a medicine that acts in two ways or both ways.


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