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Kaishore Guggulu

Item Number : 2021

Price: $19.95

Pitta Balancing Formula for the Joints and Muscles* 300 mg tablets, 90 per bottle

   Supports comfortable movement of the joints and muscles*
   Cleanses excess pitta from the musculoskeletal system*
   Supports the healthy and proper function of the connective tissue*

Ayurvedic Energetics:

   Rasa (taste): bitter, astringent, sweet, pungent
   Virya (action): heating
   Vipaka (post-digestive effect): neutral
   Doshas (constitutions): Balancing for all doshas, especially pitta

Common Usage: Under the guidance of a qualified health practitioner, Kaishore Guggulu can be used to support healthy joints, muscles and connective tissue. It is especially useful for balancing pitta in the musculoskeletal system.*

Possible Contraindications: Not for use by pregnant women.

Suggested Use: Take 1-2 tablets, once or twice daily, or as directed by your health practitioner.

Commentary: Kaishore Guggulu is the traditional Ayurvedic formula for balancing pitta in the joints and muscles. It is a powerful detoxifying and rejuvenating combination that has a special affinity for the musculoskeletal system. Its main ingredients, guduchi, triphala and trikatu are combined with guggulu to remove deep-seated pitta from the tissues. They also act to nourish and strengthen the system, supporting the overall health and proper function of the joints and muscles.*

Notes: For healthy joints, also consider Joint Support* For balancing vata in the musculoskeletal system, consider Yogaraj Guggulu* For balancing kapha in the musculoskeletal system, consider Punarnavadi Guggulu* Kaishore Guggulu is also available in powder form

Supplement Facts: Serving size: 1 tablet Servings per container: 90 Each 300 mg tablet contains: Guggulu resin (Commiphora mukul), Guduchi stem (Tinospora cordifolia)**, Amalaki fruit (Emblica officinalis)**, Bibhitaki fruit (Terminalia belerica)**, Haritaki fruit (Terminalia chebula)** Ginger root (Zingiber officinale)**, Pippali fruit (Piper longum)**, Black Pepper fruit (Piper nigrum)**, Danti root (Baliospermum montanum)**, Nishoth root (Operculina turpethum)**.

**Certified organically grown.

Other ingredients, from natural sources: maltodextrin, stearic acid (from vegetable oil), silicon dioxide, modified cellulose, magnesium stearate (from vegetable oil).

Banyan Botanicals contain no animal products and are suitable for vegetarians.

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