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Gandavyuha Sutra Avatamsaka Sutra Sutras

see also Samantabhadra (Bodhisattva) or Universal Worthy, Samantabhadra's Aspiration To Good Actions

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In the language of India: Arya Bhadra Charya Pranidhana Raja In the language of Tibet [translated into English]:

The King of Aspiration Prayers, the Aspiration for Noble Excellent Conduct

I pay homage to the noble Manjushri.

To those, in the worlds of the ten directions, however many there are, All the lions among humans who appear during the three times – To all of them without exception I pay homage with respectful body, speech, and mind.

The force of my Aspiration Prayer for Excellent Conduct, Brings all the victorious ones directly to mind; Bowing down with bodies as numerous as atoms in the realms, I prostrate to all the victorious ones.

In a single atom there are Buddhas as numerous as atoms, Each residing in the midst of their sons and daughters; Like that, I imagine that the whole dharmadhatu Is completely filled with victorious ones.

To those with oceans of inexhaustible praise-worthy qualities – With sounds containing oceans of tones of melodic speech, I express the qualities of all the victorious ones, I praise all the Sugatas.

With the finest flowers, the finest garlands, Music, ointments, supreme parasols, Supreme lamps, and the finest incense I make offerings to the victorious ones.

With the finest cloths, supreme scents, And fine powders equal to Mount Meru, All displayed in supreme and magnificent ways, I make offerings to those victorious ones.

With vast unsurpassable offerings I venerate all the victorious ones. Through the power of faith in excellent conduct I prostrate and offer to the victorious ones.

Whatever negative actions I have performed With body, speech, and also mind Overpowered by desire, anger, and stupidity I confess each and every one of them.

I rejoice everyone's merit – The victorious ones of the ten directions, the Bodhisattvas, The Pratyekabuddhas, those in training, Those beyond training, and all beings.

I request the protectors, The lamps of the worlds of the ten directions, Who, passing through the stages of awakening, attained Buddhahood beyond attachment, To turn the unsurpassable Dharma wheel.

I supplicate with my palms joined together Those who intend to demonstrate nirvana To remain for kalpas as numerous as atoms in the realms For the welfare and happiness of all beings.

I dedicate whatever slight virtue is accumulated through Prostrating, offering, confessing, Rejoicing, requesting, and supplicating To the great enlightenment.

I make offerings to all the past Buddhas And those residing in the worlds of the ten directions. May those who have not appeared Quickly fulfill their intentions, and passing through the stages of awakening, appear as Buddhas.

May the realms of the ten directions, however many, Be completely pure and vast; May they be filled with Buddhas and Bodhisattvas Who have gone to sit before the powerful bodhi tree.

May all beings throughout the ten directions, however many they may be, Always have happiness, free from illness; May all beings be in harmony with the aims of the Dharma And achieve what they hope for.

May I perform the conduct of awakening And remember my lives during all states. In all my successive lives, from birth to death, May I always be a renunciate (monk bhikshu, nun bhikshuni or yogi, yogini).

Following the victorious ones, may I train, Bringing excellent conduct to perfection, And engage in pure, stainless moral conduct, Which never lapses and is free from faults.

In the languages of gods, the languages of nagas and yakshas, In the languages of kumbhandas and humans – In however many languages of beings there may be, May I teach the Dharma.

With gentleness may I exert myself in the paramitas. May I never forget bodhichitta (bodhicitta). May all wrongdoing and whatever obscures Be thoroughly purified.

May I be liberated from karma, kleshas (afflictions of greed, hatred, stupidity), and the work of maras, And act for all beings in the world Like a lotus to which water does not cling, Like the sun and moon unhindered in space.

Throughout the directions and reaches of the realms May the suffering of the lower states be pacified. May all beings be placed in happiness; May all beings be benefitted.

May I bring awakened conduct to perfection, Engage in conduct that harmonizes with beings, Teach excellent conduct, And perform these throughout all future kalpas.

May I continuously be with those Whose actions accord with my own. May our conduct and aspirations Of body, speech, and mind be the same.

May I always meet with Friends who wish to benefit me, Those who teach excellent conduct, And may I never displease them.

May I always directly see the victorious ones, The protectors, surrounded by Bodhisattvas; In future kalpas without tiring, May I make vast offerings to them.

May I retain the genuine Dharma of the victorious ones, And cause the appearance of awakened conduct; Training in excellent conduct, May I act in this way throughout future kalpas.

When circling in all my existences May I develop inexhaustible merit and wisdom, And become an inexhaustible treasury of Methods (upaya), knowledge (vijnana and prajna), samadhi, liberation, and virtues.

In a single atom there are realms as numerous as all atoms; In those realms reside infinite Buddhas In the midst of Bodhisattvas – Beholding them, may I perform awakened conduct.

Like that, in all directions On the breadth of just a hair There are oceans of Buddhas, as many as in the three times, and oceans of realms – May I act and be engaged with them for oceans of kalpas.

A single instance of a Buddha's speech is a voice endowed with oceans of qualities, It has the pure qualities of the melodic speech of the victorious ones, And is the melodic speech that accords with the inclinations of all beings – May I always be engaged with the Buddhas' speech.

May I be engaged through the power of my mind In the inexhaustible melodic speech Of the victorious ones appearing in the three times Who turn the Dharma like a wheel.

As all future kalpas are penetrated May I also penetrate them instantly; May I be engaged in and penetrate, in each part of an instant, As many kalpas as are in the three times.

May I see instantly Those lions among humans appearing in the three times. May I always be engaged in their sphere of experience Through the power of illusion-like liberation.

May I produce in a single atom All the arrays of realms there are in the three times; May I be engaged with the arrays of the Buddha realms In all directions always.

Those lamps of the worlds who have not yet appeared Will gradually awaken, turn the Dharma wheel, And demonstrate nirvana, the final peace – May I go into the presence of those protectors.

Through the power of swift miracles, The power of the great vehicle, the door, The power of conduct endowed with qualities, The power of all-pervasive love, The power of virtuous merit, The power of wisdom free from attachments, And the powers of knowledge, methods, and samadhi May I perfectly accomplish the power of awakening.

May I purify the power of karma, Conquer the power of kleshas, Render the power of maras powerless, And perfect the power of excellent conduct.

May I purify oceans of realms, Liberate oceans of beings, Behold oceans of Dharma, Realize oceans of wisdom, Purify oceans of conduct, Perfect oceans of aspiration prayers, Offer to oceans of Buddhas, And act without weariness throughout oceans of kalpas.

All the victorious ones who appear in the three times Awaken into enlightenment through the excellent conduct Of various aspiration prayers for awakened conduct – May I perfect all of these.

The eldest son of the victorious ones Is called Samantabhadra by name. I dedicate all this virtue That I may act with skill similar to his.

May I also be equal to him In his skill in excellent dedications For pure body, speech and mind, Pure conduct and pure realms.

May I act according to the aspiration prayers of Manjushri In order to perform excellent virtue. Not tiring throughout future kalpas, May I perfect these activities.

May my conduct be without measure, May my qualities also be measureless. Remaining within conduct without measure, May I send out emanations.

Sentient beings extend As far as the limits of space; May my aspiration prayers extend As far as the limits of their karma and kleshas.

Though someone adorns with precious jewels The infinite realms of the ten directions, and offers these to the Buddhas, Or offers the supreme happiness of gods and men For kalpas as numerous as atoms in the realms, The genuine merit of someone who Hears this king of dedications, Who is inspired towards supreme awakening, And gives rise to faith in it is more supreme.

Whoever makes this Aspiration Prayer for Excellent Conduct Will be free from the lower realms, And free from negative friends; They will see Amitabha soon, Acquire all benefits and be sustained in happiness – With all of this their life will go well. Before long they will become Just like Samantabhadra.

Whatever has been done through the power of not knowing, All evil, even the five acts of immediate consequence, Will be quickly purified By those who recite this Excellent Conduct.

They will possess wisdom, beauty and the signs, Be of good family with fine complexion. They will not be overpowered by maras or tirthikas; The three worlds will make offerings to them.

They will soon go before the bodhi tree, And having gone there, they will sit to benefit beings, Awaken into enlightenment, turn the Dharma wheel, And subdue all maras and their hordes.

The full ripening for those who are involved with, teach or recite This Aspiration Prayer for Excellent Conduct Is known only by the Buddhas; Without any doubt, it is supreme enlightenment (anuttarasamyaksambodhi).

I dedicate all this virtue, Following and emulating The warrior Manjushri who is omniscient, As is Samantabhadra.

With dedications, praised as supreme By the victorious ones who appear in the three times, I dedicate all my roots of virtue (kusala mula) Towards excellent conduct.

When the time of death comes for me May all my obscurations vanish; Seeing Amitabha directly May I go to his realm of Sukhavati.

Having gone there, may I actualize All these aspiration prayers, Fulfill them completely, And benefit beings as long as worlds exist.

May I be born within a beautiful lotus In that excellent and joyous realm (Sukhavati) of the victorious one; And from the victorious one Amitabha directly May I receive a prophecy.

Having received his prophecy there, May I benefit all beings in the ten directions Though the power of my mind With many billions of emanations.

Through whatever slight virtue I have accumulated (see two collections) By making this Aspiration Prayer for Excellent Conduct, May the virtue of the aspiration prayers for all beings Be accomplished instantly.

By the infinite and genuine merit, Attained through dedicating The Aspiration Prayer for Excellent Conduct, May all beings drowning in the rivers of sufferings Reach the place of Amitabha.

May this King of Aspiration Prayers Bring about the supreme aim (bodhichitta) and benefit for all infinite beings; Completing this scripture adorned by Samantabhadra, May the lower realms be empty.

This completes The King of Aspiration Prayers, The Aspiration for Excellent Conduct.

Translated [from Sanskrit], edited, and finalized by the Indian scholars Dzina Mitra and Surendra Bodhi with the lotsawa and great editor, Bande Yeshe De and others.

Translated into English under the guidance of Khenpo Tsultrim Gyatso by Elizabeth Callahan. August 1994

Adapted from Fair Use Source: Upasaka Ron Epstein, Buddhism A to Z, 1999: p. Primary Original Source: The Tripitaka of Sutra, Shastra and Vinaya Dharma teachings (as found in the scripture storehouse of the Indian Sanskrit- Siddham, Chinese, Tibetan and Japanese traditions of the Nalanda Tradition of ancient Nalanda University) of Shakyamuni Buddha, and his Arya Sagely Bodhisattva Bhikshu Monk and Upasaka disciples.

These Good and Wise Advisors (Kaliyanamitra) Dharma Master teachers include Arya Venerables Nagarjuna, Ashvaghosha, Aryasura, Aryadeva, Kumarajiva, Shantideva, Chandrakirti, Chandragomin, Vasubandhu, Asanga, Hui Neng, Atisha, Kamalashila, Dharmarakshita, Tsong Khapa, Thogme Zangpo, Patanjali, Sushruta, Charaka, Vagbhata, Nichiren, Hsu Yun, Hsuan Hua, Shen Kai, Tenzin Gyatso, Kyabje Zopa, Ajahn Chah, Vasant Lad, and other modern day masters. We consider them to be in accord with Tripitaka Master ]]Hsuan Hua]]’s “Seven Guidelines for Recognizing Genuine Teachers

Nalanda Online University's teachings are based especially on the Dharma Flower Lotus Sutra, the Avatamsaka Sutra, the Shurangama Sutra, the Ksitigarbha Sutra, the Bhaisajya Guru Sutra, the Dharani Sutra, the Vajra Sutra, the Prajna Paramita Hridayam Sutra, the Guhyasamaja, the Kalachakra and their commentaries (shastras) by the above Arya Tripitakacharya Dharma Masters.

Fair Use Compilation Sources for the Above Material on the Teachings of the Buddha Dharma and Sangha:

Primary Fair Use Compilation Source: Epstein, Ronald B., Ph.D, compiler, Buddhist Text Translation Society's Buddhism A to Z, Burlingame, California: Buddhist Text Translation Society, 2003. ISBN 0881393533 Paperback: 284 pages.

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