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 +{{for|the term in Buddhism|Kleśā (Buddhism)}}
 +'''​Kleśā'''​ ([[sanskrit]] क्लेशा ) is a term from Indian philosophy and [[yoga]], meaning a "​poison"​. The third ''​[[śloka]]''​ of [[Patanjali|Patañjali]]'​s ''​[[Yoga Sutras of Patanjali|Yogasūtra]]''​ explicitly identifies Five Poisons (Sanskrit: ''​pañcakleśā''​): ​
 +:​अविद्यास्मितारागद्वेषाभिनिवेशाः पञ्च क्लेशाः॥३॥
 +:​{{IAST|Avidyāsmitārāgadveṣābhiniveśāḥ pañca kleśāḥ}}<​ref name=patanjali>​Patañjali ''​et al.''​ (2007) Source: [http://​​english/​sanskrit_pronunciation/​pronunciation7.html] (accessed: November 23, 2007)</​ref>​
 +Translated into English, these five (pañca) Kleśa-s or Afflictions ({{IAST|kleśāḥ}}) are<ref name=patanjali />:
 +*Ignorance (in the form of a misapprehension about reality) (ávidyā), ​
 +*egoism (in the form of an erroneous identification of the Self with the intellect) (asmitā), ​
 +*attachment (rāga), ​
 +*aversion ({{IAST|dveṣa}}),​ and 
 +*fear of death (which is derived from clinging ignorantly to life) ({{IAST|abhiniveśāḥ}}).
 +==External links==
 +International Nath Order (INO) perspectives:​
 +*[http://​​wiki/​Five_Kleshas Five Kleshas - International Nath Order]
 +* [[Shri Gurudev Mahendranath|Mahendranath,​ Shri Gurudev]]. "​[http://​​twiyoga2.mhtml Twilight Yoga II: The Magnum Opus of Twilight Yoga]"
 +[[Category:​Sanskrit words and phrases]]
 +[[fr:Klesha (sanskrit)]]
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