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Earth Store (Bodhisattva)

“Earth Store Bodhisattva is named after the earth, which not only gives birth to things and makes them grow, but can store a great many things within itself as well. Because this Bodhisattva is like the earth, he can produce the myriad things and make them grow. Anyone who believes in him may obtain the treasures stored in the ground: gold, silver, lapis lazuli, crystal, mother-of pearl, red pearls, and carnelian. . . . “His Sanskrit name is , “Earth Store”. There are ten aspects of the earth: it is wide and extensive; it supports all living beings; it is impartial; it receives the great rain; it produces grasses and trees; it holds all planted seeds; it holds many treasures; it produces medicines; it is not moved by the blowing wind; and it does not tremble at the lion's roar.” (SPV 20 21)

“You could say that Earth Store Bodhisattva is the dumbest of the Bodhisattvas, and also the most intelligent. Why is he dumb? It is because he does things no one else wants to do. He can bear what others can't bear and yield when others can't yield. When his parents were extremely mean to him, it didn't make any difference; he was filial just the same. That is why within Buddhism Earth Store Bodhisattva is known as the Bodhisattva of great filiality and also as the Bodhisattva of great vows. He said, 'Until the hells are empty I will never become a Buddha.' Until every single living being is taken across, he doesn't want to attain proper and equal enlightenment. Take a look at that kind of vow-power- doesn't it seem kind of dumb? On the other hand, we can also say he is the most intelligent Bodhisattva. That is because he stands out above everyone else. He transcends all his peers. Someone asks, 'Is he trying to be special?' No. He does what others don't want to do and are not able to do. And so we can say that he is the most intelligent Bodhisattva. In short, it can be said of Earth Store Bodhisattva that he has great vows, great conduct, great wisdom, and great compassion. . . . Jyou-hwa Mountain is the sacred Wayplace devoted to Earth Store Bodhisattva.” (SPV 136)

(Source: Epstein, 2003: p. 61)

1) Chinese Mandarin: , 2) Sanskrit: , 3) Pali: —–, 4) Alternate Translations: Bodhisattva Treasury/Womb of the Earth.

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Buddhist Text Translation Society ( References: SPV, TT 136.

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The Practice of Ksitigarbha to Avert Danger and Purify Obstacles

The Practice It is good to recite daily the sutra prayer (after the mantra) praised by Buddha to Ksitigarbha and the prayer that I have added below. I prostrate, go for refuge, make offerings, please grant blessing. The Bodhisattva Ksitigarbha, who has unbearable compassion for me and all sentient beings whose minds are obscured and who are suffering, who has qualities like the sky and liberates sentient beings from all the sufferings and gives all the happiness. (x 3) With hands folded in prostration, visualize doing the prostrations to all the Buddhas and bodhisattvas; that becomes prostration when you say the word prostrate. When you say the word refuge, think that you are asking to be free from the two obscurations (to be able to achieve enlightenment). When you say the word offering, you think that all the offerings that you have are then offered. When you ask for blessings, you think in your mind that the whole path to enlightenment is the blessing to be received. This is the mantra that Ksitigarbha heard from Buddhas equaling the number of sand grains of the river Ganga. He made offerings to them and then received this mantra. This mantra is to be used for any difficulties, problems; it is the best one to do for any problems in any situation. Even reciting four or five times, just a few times, it is very powerful. It is powerful to recite or just to think of the name of the bodhisattva. It is very, very powerful. tsimbo tsimbo / dze tsimbo / aga ga tsimbo / bagara tsimbo / om ah bara tsimbo / bara tsimbo / badzira tsimbo / aroga tsimbo / dehama tsimbo / tsatewa tsimbo / sadenewa tsimbo / bewaroga sharwa tsimbo / owashama tsimbo / nyana tsimbo / bagasama moni ran-nga tsimbo / chana tsimbo / begimaba ria tsimbo / shashe dala maba tsimbo / bea dahso / dama haley / dombay abbey / satasey / satabasaley / geley / gela garaba / bara baretey / hasaley / barebey / paresata bendaney / benra / tsatsa tsatsa / heleneley / agata / take takelo / tare tare / nelematey / nemtey gulemela / om gutsibatey / arregerey / gutashamaley / dunga dunga dungurey / huru huru huru / gunodumeley / marito / naretey / mendata / harakam rem / huru huru //

Alternative mantra, which Rinpoche advised to do in preference to the above one:

tayata muni mo re / muni gha bhe / muni ki li dha ye / muni rogi ba tza le / muni hali de / muni gha me shu bha khye / mirla bhag / khe bhaa la la bhag khye / so ri kirta / tor na kir tsa le / bha tag sha kir te / ku ku la mir le / ava khya sa re / er ha ki li bha / muni bhaa thaba soha

Short Mantra om ah khtiti garbha thaleng hung

Praise by Buddha to Kshitigarbha You have generated stability of thought and pure thought (altruism / bodhicitta) and eliminated the sufferings of immeasurable sentient beings. I see (sentient beings) receiving happiness like the wish granting jewel, and like the vajra you cut the nets of the doubt (of others). You offer the Destroyer, Qualified-Gone-Beyond-Ones holy offerings with great compassionate thought and perseverance. You liberate the sentient beings from the sufferings with oceans of wisdom. Because you have no fear (delusions), you have gone beyond samsara. This is especially beneficial for those who have heavy problems, serious health problems, big projects or financial difficulties. I will suggest it is extremely powerful to recite every day at least four or five times or more, depending on how crucial it is also, for protection. Even to grow crops well and to protect land and crops. It explains in the sutra the extensive benefits and qualities, like the sky, of the Bodhisattva Ksitigarbha, like skies of benefit to all beings. There have been experiences, similar benefits received by those who practice Ksitigarbha.

This practice was translated, compiled and checked by Lama Zopa Rinpoche.

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