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 +[[lilberating living beings]]
 +A [[Buddhist]] [[practice]] of rescuing [[animal]]s,​ [[bird]]s, fish and so forth that are
 +[[destined]] for slaughter or that are [[permanent]]ly caged. They are [[release]]d to a
 +new [[physic]]al and [[spiritual]] [[life]]. The [[practice]] exemplifies the [[fundamental]]
 +[[Buddhist]] [[teaching]] of [[compassion]] for all [[living beings]].
 +A [[disciple]] of the [[Buddha]] must maintain a [[mind]] of [[kindness]] and [[cultivate]] the
 +[[practice]] of [[Liberating]] [[beings]]. He should [[reflect]] [[thus]]: 'All [[male]] [[beings]] have
 +been my [[father]] and all [[female]]s have been my [[mother]]. There is not a single
 +[[being]] who has not [[give]]n [[birth]] to me during my previous [[lives]], hence all
 +[[beings]] of the [[six]] Destinies are my [[parent]]s. Therefore, when a [[person]] [[kill]]s
 +and eats any of these [[beings]], he thereby slaughters my [[parent]]s. Furthermore,​
 +he [[kill]]s a [[body]] that was once my own, for all ele[[mental]] [[earth]] and [[water]]
 +previously served as part of my [[body]] and all ele[[mental]] [[fire]] and [[wind]] have
 +served as my basic [[substance]]. Therefore, I shall always [[cultivate]] the
 +[[practice]] of [[Liberating]] [[beings]] and in every [[life]] be [[reborn]] in the
 +[[eternal]]ly-[[abiding]] [[Dharma]] and [[teach]] [[other]]s to [[liberate]] [[beings]] as well.'
 +Whenever a [[Bodhisattva]] sees a [[person]] preparing to [[kill]] an [[animal]], he should
 +devise a skilful [[method]] to rescue and [[protect]] it, freeing it from its
 +[[suffering]] ([[Dukkha]]) and difficulties... ([[BNS]] I 162)
 +In [[China]] this [[practice]] was made popular by the [[Venerable]] Jr-Yi (see entry)
 +and has continued to the [[present]] day.
 +*Developing our [[compassion]] by [[lilberating living beings]]
 +"Once a [[month]] at the [[City of Ten Thousand Buddhas]], we [[liberate]] [[animal]]s
 +[[destined]] for slaughter. We purchase them from the [[whole]]salers,​ bring them to
 +some appropriate place, and let them go free. We [[recite]] [[Mantra]]s,​ [[Sutra]]s, and
 +[[praise]]s on their behalf, so that they can [[hear]] them, and so that the [[Merit]]
 +of our [[recitation]] can be [[Transfer]]red to them. This [[tradition]]al [[Buddhist]]
 +[[practice]],​ called '​[[lilberating living beings]]',​ has always been [[praise]]d and
 +[[honor]]ed by the [[Sage]]s and [[high]] [[Master]]s.
 +"By [[lilberating living beings]], we also nurture [[compassion]] in our [[heart]]s. By
 +not [[killing]],​ we [[cultivate]] [[compassion]]. In letting [[living]] [[creature]]s go, we
 +also [[cultivate]] [[compassion]]. The [[compassion]] in our [[heart]]s grows [[Great]]er every
 +day until it [[become]]s as [[Great]] as that of the [[Great]]ly [[compassion]]ate
 +[[Bodhisattva]] Observer of the [[world]]'​s [[sound]]s ([[Avalokiteshvara]]).
 +"​[[Bodhisattva]] Observer of the [[world]]'​s [[sound]]s did not [[kill]] [[living beings]]; she
 +always [[liberate]]d them, and so she has a [[Great]]ly [[compassion]]ate [[heart]]. We
 +should imitate the [[Great]] [[kindness]] and [[compassion]] of [[Bodhisattva]] Observer of
 +the [[world]]'​s [[sound]]s and [[liberate]] [[living beings]]. The [[principle]] is very
 +[[logic]]al:​ if you [[liberate]] [[life]], you [[increase]] your [[compassion]]. [[Liberating]]
 +[[living beings]] is just [[Liberating]] ourselves.. Why? Be[[cause]] we and all [[living]]
 +[[beings]] are basically of one [[substance]]. We should think this [[way]]: 'If someone
 +put me in a cage, wouldn'​t I be uncomfortable?​ Wouldn'​t I [[wish]] that someone
 +would let me go? If I were put in jail, I would not want to stay there.
 +Likewise, I don't like to see [[bird]]s put in cages. This is be[[cause]] [[living]]
 +[[beings]] and I are of one [[substance]]. Since I [[feel]] this [[way]], I want to [[liberate]]
 +[[living beings]].
 +"What is more, you don't [[know]] which [[living]] [[being]] was related to you in a
 +[[past life]]. One might have been your [[father]], or your [[brother]],​ or your [[sister]].
 +You can't [[know]] for sure. Perhaps they were your [[child]]ren,​ or your [[friend]]s.
 +[[right]] now you haven'​t [[gain]]ed the use of the [[heavenly eye]] or the [[penetration]]
 +of [[past lives]], and so you don't [[know]] what [[kind]]s of [[cause]]s and [[effect]]s belong
 +to each [[animal]]; and yet, when you see these [[creature]]s,​ you [[feel]]
 +uncomfortable and want to set them free. Setting them free isn't a [[stupid]]
 +[[thing]] to do by any [[means]], as some [[people]] might think. It is an [[aspect]] of
 +[[cultivation]]. There isn't just one [[way]] to [[cultivate]]. There are [[eight]]y-[[four]]
 +[[thousand]] [[Dharma Door]]s in [[cultivation]],​ and every single door leads to the
 +[[realization]] of [[supreme]] [[enlightenment]]. [[lilberating living beings]] is one of
 +them. We must be careful not to think of it as '​[[stupid]]'​. If we have that
 +[[kind]] of [[attitude]],​ we will [[obstruct]] our own [[cultivation]].
 +"I just said that we wouldn'​t want to be locked in jail. I will tell you the
 +[[Truth]]. This is not an analogy. Your own [[body]] is, in fact, a cage! You are
 +stuck in your own [[body]] and you are not yet able to get out of it. Until we
 +have [[gain]]ed a very [[high]] [[level]] of [[spiritual]] practice]] and [[wisdom]], we will
 +remain stuck in the cages that are our bodies. Only then will we have
 +[[liberate]]d our own [[lives]]. That's the [[real]] [[liberation]] of the [[living]]. If we
 +want to [[liberate]] our own [[lives]], we must [[first]] [[liberate]] the [[lives]] of those
 +little [[creature]]s. The one [[kind]] of [[Liberating]] the [[living]] [[help]]s the [[other]]
 +"​[[lilberating living beings]] is a very important [[aspect]] of [[Buddhist]] [[practice]].
 +But if one hasn't understood this yet, one might think it a very [[ordinary]]
 +af[[fair]]. If we don't [[cultivate]] the one [[kind]] of [[Liberating]] the [[living]], we
 +won't be able to obtain the [[other]] [[kind]]. There are many [[Chan]]ges and
 +[[transformation]]s,​ and so don't look upon this [[light]]ly. [[Liberating]] the [[living]]
 +brings returns on one's own [[effort]]s."​ ([[Venerable]] [[Master]] [[Hsuan Hua]], [[PDS]], May,
 +"Why do we [[liberate]] . . . [[living]] [[creature]]s]?​ It is be[[cause]] if we ransom
 +[[creature]]s that were [[destined]] to be slaughtered for [[food]] and then set them
 +free, then they can live out their [[natural]] [[lifespan]]s. This in turn enables
 +the [[people]] who [[liberate]] the [[living]] to [[enjoy]] a long [[life]].
 +"Why are there wars in the [[world]]? It is be[[cause]] our [[collect]]ive [[killing]] [[karma]]
 +is so [[heavy]]. If in this [[life]] I [[kill]] you, in the next [[life]], you'll [[kill]] me,
 +and in the [[life]] after that I'll come back to [[kill]] you. This cycle of [[killing]]
 +continues forever. [[people]] [[kill]] [[animal]]s and in their next [[life]] they [[become]]
 +[[animal]]s. The [[animal]]s which they once [[kill]]ed now return as [[people]] to claim
 +revenge. This goes on and on. There is endless [[killing]] and [[blood]]shed. When
 +incidents of slaughter multiply until the resentment can no longer be
 +contained, they explode into massive [[world]] wars, with the [[resultant]] huge
 +massacres and horrendous [[destruction]]. On the battle[[field]],​ [[people]] are
 +propelled by resentment and enmity that has [[accumulate]]d during many
 +[[lifetime]]s,​ and they go absolutely berserk, lashing out at one another like
 +savages. 'You [[kill]] one [[person]]? I'll [[kill]] [[ten]]!'​ They take revenge on one
 +another like that. Wars are the [[pain]]ful [[result]]s of [[killing]] [[karma]] [[create]]d in
 +our [[past lives]].
 +"​Therefore,​ we [[liberate]] the [[living]] to diminish our [[killing]] [[karma]]. The more
 +[[people]] [[engage]] in [[Liberating]] the [[living]], the less [[killing]] they will do. Wars
 +will proportionately decrease. We who [[cultivate]] these [[compassion]]ate
 +[[practice]]s do not oppose war: we just don't go to war. We don't [[kill]] but
 +instead we set [[living]] [[creature]]s free. This is the [[true]] and [[ultimate]] [[way]] to
 +eliminate war. It is also a gate[[way]] to long [[life]] and [[heal]]th]] and to the
 +eradication of [[disaster]]s and [[illness]]es. The [[Merit]] and [[virtue]] that one
 +[[accumulate]]s from [[Liberating]] [[animal]]s is [[bound]]less. It enables you to [[cause]]
 +[[living beings]] to live out the full ex[[ten]]t of their [[natural]] [[lifespan]]s. In
 +addition, you [[benefit]] [[person]]ally be[[cause]] [[illness]]es are averted. As a [[result]]
 +you [[enjoy]] [[good]] [[heal]]th]] and are able to [[peace]]fully [[cultivate]] the [[way]].
 +"The purpose of [[Liberating]] the [[living]] is to [[protect]] the [[lives]] of [[creature]]s.
 +It is a [[Dharma Door]] that exemplifies the [[Buddha]]'​s [[compassion]]. Everyone
 +should [[protect]] [[living]] [[creature]]s and not [[abuse]] or slaughter them." ([[FAS]] Ch8
 +"In [[Liberating]] the [[living]]
 +You your[[self]] will live long. 
 +[[heal]]th]],​ [[rich]]es and [[Blessings]]
 +Will descend upon you, never-ending."​
 +([[CL]] II 15)
 +1) [[Chinese]]:​ fang sheng , 2) [[Sanskrit]]:​ , 3) [[Pali]] , 4) Alternate [[translation]]s:​
 +[[See Also]]: [[living beings]].
 +[[BTTS References]]:​ [[Sutra]] of [[cause and effect]], pp. ?; [[DFS]] IX 1601-2; [[CL]] II 15,
 +59 (= [[BNS]] 20th [[minor]]); [[BNS]] I 162-5; [[FAS]] Ch8 76-77; [[RH]] 186-198; [[Hsuan Hua]]
 +([[Rev.]] [[Master]]),​ "​Developing our [[compassion]] by [[lilberating living beings]],"​ [[PDS]],
 +May, 1985; "To Atone for [[killing]] [[karma]] [[liberate]] the [[living]] Instead,"​ [[VBS]]
 +#147, Aug. 1982, pp. 13-17.
 +[[Fair Use]]
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