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 +[[Moral Precepts]]
 +The [[Jewel]]led [[precept]]s with the brilliance of [[Vajra]] are the [[origin]]al [[source]]
 +of all [[Buddha]]s,​ the [[origin]]al [[source]] of all [[Bodhisattva]]s,​ and the [[seed]] of the
 +[[Buddha Nature]]. ([[BNS]] I 54)
 +"The [[world]] today is filled with terror. [[people]] of all races are in a
 +perpetual [[state]] of [[fear]], so that they don't [[feel]] [[safe]] when they [[walk]] about;
 +they can't [[taste]] the [[food]] they eat; and they can't [[sleep]] [[peace]]fully. What is
 +the [[principle]] behind this? Why has such a [[state]] [[appear]]ed?​ Those who [[believe]]
 +in [[Buddhism]] should pay particular [[attention]] to the [[principle]] governing this
 +[[phenomenon]]. It is be[[cause]] the [[evil]] [[offense]]s and [[evil]] [[karma]] that [[people]] are
 +cr[[eating]] are filling up the [[heaven]]s. Each [[person]] keeps cr[[eating]] more [[karma]]
 +and never makes an attempt to eradicate the [[karma]] that they have [[ama]]ssed.
 +Everyone has committed the [[karma]] of [[killing]],​ [[steal]]ing,​ [[sexual misconduct]],​
 +taking [[intoxicant]]s ([[alcohol]],​ [[recreational drug]]s, [[cigarettes]]),​ and [[lying]]. It is simply be[[cause]] [[people]] do not maintain
 +and [[uphold]] the [[precept]]s which govern these [[five]] [[action]]s that [[slow]]ly, bit by
 +bit, the [[karma]] [[accumulate]]s. When the [[karma]] from [[killing]] [[living beings]]
 +[[become]]s [[Great]] enough, the [[energy]] of animosity will [[complete]]ly fill up a
 +[[Great]] [[world system]] of a [[billion]] [[world]]s."​ ([[TT]] 58)
 +The [[Buddha]] said: "My [[disciple]]s may be several [[thousand]] miles away from me,
 +but if they [[remember]] my [[precept]]s,​ they will certainly obtain the [[fruit]]s of
 +the [[way]].
 +"If those who are by my side do not follow my [[precept]]s,​ they may see me
 +constantly, but in the end they will not obtain the [[way]]."​ ([[S42]] 74)
 +Now it is not [[thus]] [by the dis[[play]] of various [[heaven]]ly [[offering]]s],​ [[Ananda]],
 +that the [[Tathagata]] is [[right]]ly [[honor]]ed,​ [[reverence]]d,​ venerated, held [[sacred]]
 +or [[revere]]d. But the [[brother]] or [[sister]], the devout man or [[woman]], who
 +continually [[fulfill]]s all the [[Great]]er and lesser duties, who is [[correct]] in
 +[[life]], [[walking]] according to the [[precept]]s--it is he who [[right]]ly [[honor]]s,
 +[[reverence]]s,​ venerates, [[hold]]s [[sacred]], and [[revere]]s the [[Tathagata]] with the
 +worthiest [[homage]]. Therefore, O [[Ananda]], be ye constant in the [[fulfill]]ment of
 +the [[Great]]er and of the lesser duties, and be ye [[correct]] in [[life]], [[walking]]
 +according to the [[precept]]s;​ and [[thus]] [[Ananda]], should it be taught. (Dialogues
 +of the [[Buddha]] II 150-151)
 +"'​[[precept]]s'​ refer to rules and regulations. Their purpose is:
 +To stop [[evil]] and[[avoid]] [[misdeed]]s.
 +Not to do any [[evil]],
 +But to [[offer]] up all [[good]] [[conduct]].
 +[[precept]]s include:
 +The [[precept]] [[Dharma]].
 +The [[precept]] [[substance]].
 +The [[precept]] [[mark]].
 +The [[precept]] [[Dharma]] includes:
 +The [[Five Precepts]] (for [[lay]] [[people]]).
 +The [[eight]] [[precept]]s (for [[lay]] [[people]]).
 +The [[ten]] [[precept]]s (for [[Novice]]s).
 +The [[Ten Major]] and [[Forty-Eight]] [[minor]] [[Bodhisattva]] [[precept]]s (for both [[left]]-home
 +and [[lay]] [[people]]).
 +The 250 [[Bhikshu Precepts]].
 +The 348 [[Bhikshuni]] [[precept]]s.
 +All of those [[precept]]s are to tell you not to do any [[evil]] but to [[offer]] up all
 +[[good]] [[conduct]]. YOu should [[hold]] the [[precept]]s [[pure]]ly and not go against them."
 +([[FAS]] Ch16 33-34)
 +Before the [[God]] [[Brahma]], [[Lord]] of the [[Brahma Heaven]] of the [[pure]] [[world]] of [[form]]
 +(see entry for [[Three Worlds]]), is suspended a circular [[net]] curtain as an
 +[[adornment]]. In each hole of the curtain a [[Pearl]] is found. Each [[Pearl]] both
 +[[reflect]]s all [[other]] [[Pearl]]s and shines its [[light]] on all the [[other]] [[Pearl]]s. The
 +[[result]] is an incredible dis[[play]] of [[Infinite]] inter[[reflect]]ed [[light]].
 +The [[net]] curtain can be understood ana[[logic]]ally. It stands for one's own [[body]]
 +and [[mind]]. Each hole in the [[net]]ting represents a particular [[Outflow]] of one's
 +vital [[energy]]. Each [[Pearl]] represents a [[moral]] [[precept]]. To the ex[[ten]]t that one
 +keeps the [[Moral Precepts]], the [[Pearl]]s emit [[light]] and illuminate one's own
 +[[body]] and [[mind]] and also those of all [[other]] [[living beings]].
 +Just before the [[Buddha]] [[enter]]ed [[Nirvana]] he said to the [[Venerable]] [[Ananda]]:
 +It may be, [[Ananda]], that in some of you the [[thought]] might [[arise]], "The [[word]] of
 +the [[Master]] is ended, we have no [[Teacher]] more!" But it is not [[thus]], [[Ananda]],
 +that you should regard it. The [[Truth]]s, and the Rules of the Order, which I
 +have set forth and laid down for you all, let them, after I am [[Gone]], be
 +[[Teacher]] for you. (Dialogues of the [[Buddha]] II 171)
 +1) [[Chinese]]:​ jye , jye lyu ; [[Sanskrit]]:​ 2) [[sila]], siksa[[pada]];​ 3) [[Pali]] sila,
 +sikkha[[pada]];​ 4) Alternate [[translation]]s:​ [[precept]]s,​ [[moral]] regulations.
 +[[See Also]]: [[Five Precepts]], [[faith]].
 +[[BTTS References]]:​ [[SV]]; [[BNS]] I & II; [[TT]] 117, 132; [[FAS]] Ch16 33-35; [[FAS]] Ch11 27;
 +[[FAS]] Ch22 15-27; [[FAS]] Ch26(2) 5-6; [[SS]] I 12, 47; [[SS]] III]] 109; [[SS]] VI]] 9; [[SS]] VII]]
 +107-108; [[S42]] 76.
 +[[Fair Use]]
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