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Nirvana Sutra

There are two Sutras having this title, one Mahayana and one Hinayana. Both have the same complete title: MahapariNirvana Sutra. Both Sutras recount the events which took place and the teachings of the Buddha which he bestowed immediately prior to his entering Nirvana. The perspective and scope of the two works is, of course, radically different. As to length, the Hinayana text is chapter length, while the Mahayana Sutra is Three volumes in English translation.

BTTS References: translation of the Mahayana Sutra is in progress. (Note: The only complete English translation now available is The Mahayana Maha Parinirvana Sutra; a complete translation from the Chinese classic]]al language in 3 volumes. YaMamota, Kosho, tr. OYama (Japan):Karinbunko, 1973. A translation of the other Sutra has been done by the Pali [[text Society]] as “Book of the Great Decease.” Dialogues of the Buddha III, pp. 78-191.)

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