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 +====== No One Turned Away Due to Lack of Funds ======
 +Absolutely no one is ever turned away due to lack of funds:
 +For any classes (either online [[Distance Learning]] or in-person [[Apprenticeship]]) of the [[Nalanda University]] or the [[Ayurveda Healing Arts Institute]] of the [[Non-Profit]] [[Medicine Buddha Healing Center]] - No one in turned away due to lack of funds.
 +For [[Ayurveda Consultations]] or [[Chinese Medicine consultations]] or [[Acupuncture Consultations]] of the [[Non-Profit]] [[Medicine Buddha Healing Center]], by [[suggested donation]] of $70-$100 per hour.  However, no one in turned away due to lack of funds.
 +See [[wp>Pay it Forward]], [[wp>​Gift Economy]]
 +====== Contact Us ======
 +** [[Nalanda University]] and [[Ayurveda Healing Arts Institute]] of [[Medicine Buddha Healing Center]] **
 +[[wp>San Francisco Bay Area]]: 1-510-292-6696
 +====== About Medicine Buddha Healing Center ======
 +[[About Us]]: [[Clinic]] and [[Ayurveda Healing Arts Institute]] of
 +[[Medicine Buddha Healing Center]]
 +• The most comprehensive Clinical multimedia audio and video-based Buddhist [[Ayurvedic Distance Learning|Ayurvedic Distance Learning Program]] on the Planet --- from introductory 225-Hour [[Clinical Ayurveda Therapist]] ([[Clinical Ayurveda Therapist|CAT]]) to most advanced 3200-Hour [[Doctorate of Ayurveda]] (PhD).
 +** [[No One Turned Away Due to Lack of Funds]] ** ([[Dana Paramita]] - Perfecting Generosity)
 +• MP3 recordings of over 2000 Patient Consultations for Clinical Experience. Searchable database of photographs of [[tongue diagnosis]] and [[iPod]]-[[iPad]]-[[iPhone]] compatible audio files of our Ayurveda client visits. (see [[CLN301]])
 +[[Buddhist Distance Learning Program]] is [[free of charge]] by [[offering]]. [[Ayurveda Distance Learning]] is by [[suggested donation]]. ​
 + ----
 +[[http://​ |]] ​ |  [[http://​ |]]
 +[[http://​ |]] ​ |  [[http://​ |]]
 +[[http://​ |]] ​ |  [[http://​ |]]
 +====== Facebook-YouTube-Twitter ======
 +Please "​friend us" and subscribe to our Buddhist Ayurveda Television:
 +[[Medicine Buddha Mantra]]: [[Om]] [[Namo]] [[Bhagavate]] [[Bhaisajya]] [[Guru]] [[Vaidurya]] [[Prabaha]] [[Rajaya]] [[Tathagataya]] [[Arhate]] [[Samyamsambodhi]] [[Tadyata]] [[Om]] [[Bhaisajye]] Bhaisajye [[Bhaisajya]] [[Samudgate]] [[Svaha]]. ​
 +[[Medicine King Bodhisattva]] [[Jeweled Ax Mantra]] 16 (Line 64 of the 
 +[[Great Compassion Mantra]] of [[Avalokiteshvara]]) of the [[42 Hands and Eyes Mantras]]: ​
 +[[Syi lu seng e mu chywe ye Nan Wei la ye Wei la ye Sa wa he]].
 +[[Recent Changes]] | [[Disclaimers]] | [[Donate]] | [[Help]] | [[Dedication of Merit]]
 + ​[[Ayurveda Dharma]] is available under the [[Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License | Text_of_Creative_Commons_Attribution-ShareAlike_3.0_Unported_License]];​ Additional terms may apply. See [[Terms of Use]] for details. ​
 +[[Medicine Buddha Healing Center]] and its [[Ayurveda Healing Arts Institute]] and [[Karma Clinic]] is a [[Non-Profit]] 501c3 [[Religious Organization]] - [[Ayurvedic Distance Learning]] Program. ​
 +Phone: 1-510-292-6696 [[http://​ |]]
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