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One Hundred Dharmas

The One Hundred Dharmas are a general categorization of all Dharmas according to the Consciousness-Only School of the Mahayana. All lists of Dharmas are distinction-making for the purpose of breaking attachment to harmful distinctions about our minds and the physical world that are based on attachments to self. other general categorizations of all Dharmas include the Five Skandhas and the eighteen Realms. The One Hundred Dharmas make distinctions that are more specific and form the basis for a sophisticated and detailed Buddhist psychology of mind. They include:

11 form Dharmas (see Five Skandhasform)

8 mind Dharmas (see eight consciousnesses)

51 Dharmas Interactive with the mind

24 Dharmas Not Interactive with the mind

6 unconditioned Dharmas

100 Dharmas

The One Hundred Dharmas are listed individually and discussed in detail in the Shastra on the Door to Understanding the Hundred Dharmas (Bai-fa Ming-men Lun, T. 1614)

1) Chinese: bai fa , 2) Sanskrit: sata-Dharmah, 3) Pali sata-Dhammah.

See Also: Consciousness-Only School.

BTTS References: HD, esp. 5, 26-29; HS 50; FAS-PII]](3) 44ff.

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