Prayer for the Long Life of His Holiness the Sakya Trizin
Ngawang Kunga Thegchen Palbar Trinlay Samphel Wanggi Gyalpo

By Ngawang Lodrup Rinchen

In immortal life's protective wheel Seven-eyed One granting deathlessness

Great assemblage granting deathlessness

Grant attainment of immortal life.

Path divine of Padmasambhava

Wisdom, love and power's radiant form Sakya's blooms of insights and of words

Master of the four worlds, long remain.

Ngawang Kunga, line of Khon, divine

Granting benefits and joy to all

Owner of the great and secret path

Wish-fulfilling great King, please live long

Meditating thinking, listening

Placed upon a moral golden base

Teach, debate, compose, the Dharma's words

Royal sublime refuge, firm remain

Second Buddha, Teacher of Lam Dre Teachings of the Sakya Founders, Five Valid path of Buddha taught thru' speech You who teach like Buddha, please live long Having come, you beautify this world Holding Sakya's power temporal Radiating Sakya's Dharma works Vajra like three secrets, long remain Triple Gem and Teacher, kind and true Yidam and Protector's, full of might Profound and unchanging sublime Truth By these powers, our hopes (will) be fulfilled Concluding Prayers to the Long Life Prayer By the blessing of the Triple Gem By the power of the virtuous ones Dharma holders, line of Manjushri Live long, may your deeds like Buddha's grow Praying for our Teacher's perfect health Praying for our Teacher's ageless life Praying that their works will grow and spread Not to part from them Oh! Bless me please May they have vast merits, mountain like May they hold the teachings, stellar like May their fame and glory spread thru' space Thru' their good-works gain we, happiness

This version of His Holiness Sakya Trizin's long life prayer was translated by Lama Ngawang Samten and put into verse in accordance to the Tibetan chanting metrical form of the prayer by Stephen Ang. This work was offered to His Holiness Sakya Trizin on 22 June 1987 in deep grattitude for the bestowing of the Lam Dre Tshok Shed teachings (by His Holiness) at Sakya College, Rajpur. It was formally chanted during the final assembly after the long life puja offering to His Holiness at the conclusion of the Lam Dre teachings on 3 July 1987. Revisions are most welcome but care must be taken when replacing any of the English words so as maintain the metrical chanting accents. Through the merit accumulated, may all sentient beings have long life without any hindrance and ultimately gain Enlightenment.

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