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//**Boerhaavia diffusa**//

In Sanskrit Punarnava means 'one which renews the body'.

Punarnava is the best herb for balancing kapha.

**Other names:** Spreading hogweed, it is not used in Traditional Chinese Medicine

V↓P↓K↓ Reduces Kapha

Most important herb to strengthen lungs, decreases mucous & fat, cleanses liver & heart, lowers Blood Pressure, Tridoshic

**Guna**: Laghu,Ruksha

**Rasa**: Katu,Tikhta,Kashaya,Madhur

**Virya**: Ushna

**Vipak**: Katu

**Dhatu**: Rakta, Meda

**Organs**: Heart, Respiratory tract, Liver, Lungs, Kidneys/bladder

**Main Actions**: Shota hara (decreases swelling/edema), laxative, alterative, Lekhana, Rasayana, Cardiac tonic. 2nd best herb for Kidney problems.

**Uses**: Oedema, weight gain, swelling, ascitis, urinary problems i.e. urinary infections, kidney stones, improves agni Lekhana and anti-inflammatory

**Contra-Indications**: dehydration, in large doses as purgative

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