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Rheumatism - Arthritis

Rheumatism - Ama Vata ghana = anti-rheumatic or anti-arthritic

1 inch chopped piece of fresh Ginger (adkraka) - boil with one cup water + (teaspoon yasthimadhu licorice + 1 teaspoon castor oil errand tailam (2 teaspoon if need more - if this remedy doesn't produce a good bowel movements), it will at least burn ama (ama pachan). Take this remedy daily at bedtime.

During the daytime, take Simhanad Guggulu (200 milligrams) t.i.d. (Three times a day]] (from Latin ter in [[die) after food - it will minimize the arthritic [pain]], decrease the joint swelling. This combination of remedies is anti-inflammatory to the joints (sandhi) and is thus used to treat Sandhi Gata Vata – the name for “Joints Direction Vata” meaning Vata dosha has gone in the direction (gati) of the joints (sandhi).

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