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Salty attributes according to Ayurveda

Water and fire are the predominant elements of lavana The attributes of salt are oily,heating,heavy and hydophilic.Since salt contains the water element it has a direct effect on water retention.If used in proper amounts it soothes vata but increases pitta and kapha.Salt contains many minerals including sodium.Salt aids in the absorption and elimination of bodily wastes.When salt is taken in the right proportion it helps to maintain electrolyte balance. Some things that represent itself in the body by a high salt intake/imbalance are,ulcers,edema,fainting,high blood pressure,hyperacidity and heat sensations. Salt acts as a catalyst for other flavors. Using salt in your diet in the appropriate proportion helps to enhance flavors and spirit. Salt is addictive but also may uplift and offer creativity in the psych. Dr. Lad says to remove salt completely from your diet your life will be bland. (page 245-246 chapter 9 Dr. Lad textbook of Ayurveda volume one)

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