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 +Part of the List of [[Dharma Terms]] from the [[Buddhist Ayurveda]] Course ([[SKT220]] ) on [[Sanskrit Terms]] of [[Ayurveda]] and [[Dharma]]
 +======= Shariputra =======
 +[[Shariputra]] ([[Venerable]])*
 +One of the [[ten]] [[Great]] [[Arhat]] [[disciple]]s of the [[Buddha]] who was [[know]]n for his
 +[[Great]] [[wisdom]].
 +"​[[Shariputra]]'​s [[name]] is [[Sanskrit]]. It [[means]] 'son of Shari.'​ (Shari is from
 +sari or sarika, a [[bird]] with large and beautiful [[eye]]s, probably an [[India]]n
 +[[wp>​pelican]].) His [[mother]] was [[name]]d Shari be[[cause]] her [[eye]]s were as keen and
 +beautiful as those of the sarika [[bird]]. [[Putra]] [[means]] '​son'​. Another
 +explanation of [[Shariputra]]'​s [[name]] is '​[[body]]-son',​ after the [[Sanskrit]] [[word]] for
 +[[body]], [[Sharira]],​ be[[cause]] his [[mother]] was [[physic]]ally very beautiful. [[Shariputra]]
 +also [[means]] '​[[Pearl]]-son'​ be[[cause]] his [[eye]]s were like [[Pearl]]s and [[Sharira]] is
 +also the term for the [[Pearl]]-like [[Relic]]s [[left]] after the cremation of a [[Sage]]
 +(see [[Relic]]s*).
 +"​[[Shariputra]] was the [[Foremost]] of the [[Shravaka]] [[disciple]]s in [[wisdom]]. He wasn't
 +exactly number [[two]] when it came to [[spiritual]] [[power]]s either. His [[spiritual]]
 +[[power]]s were also [[Great]]. One [[time]] [[Maha]] [[Maudgalyayana]] decided to compare his
 +[[spiritual]] [[power]]s with [[Shariputra]]'​s. [[Shakyamuni]] [[Buddha]] had [[Gone]] elsewhere to
 +[[speak]] the [[Dharma]]. When he did this, his [[disciple]]s always went along to [[hear]]
 +the [[Dharma]] too be[[cause]] they didn't have any tape recorders in those days ,
 +and if they missed a lecture they couldn'​t make it up. That [[time]] [[Shariputra]]
 +had [[enter]]ed [[Samadhi]]. [[Maha]] [[Maudgalyayana]] called to him, but he wouldn'​t come
 +out of [[Samadhi]]. 'All [[right]],'​ said [[Maha]] [[Maudgalyayana]],​ '​I'​ll use my [[spiritual]]
 +[[power]]s to snap you out of it, ' and he applied every ounce of [[spiritual]]
 +[[power]] he had to get [[Shariputra]] to come out of [[Samadhi]],​ but he couldn'​t budge
 +even so much as the corner of [[Shariputra]]'​s [[robe]]. How [[great]] would you say
 +[[Shariputra]]'​s [[spiritual]] [[power]]s were? [[Maha]] [[Maudgalyayana]] was generally
 +considered [[Foremost]] in [[spiritual]] pwoers, but he lost to [[Shariputra]]. . . .
 +"When [[Shariputra]] was [[eight]] years old, he began [[study]]ing with the [[Buddha]],
 +and in [[seven]] days he had penetrated the [[actual]] [[mark]] of all [[Dharma]]s,​ [[Master]]ed
 +all the [[Buddha]]'​s [[teachings]],​ and could defeat all the [[philosopher]]s of [[India]]
 +in [[debate]]."​ ([[DFS]] II 108-109)
 +This is the [[way]] [[Shariputra]] [[first]] [[hear]]d of the [[Buddha]] and his [[teaching]]:​
 +[[Sariputta]] (i.e., [[Shariputra]]) said to the [[Venerable]] Assagi: 'Your
 +[[wp>​countenance]],​ [[friend]], is serene; your complexion is [[pure]] and [[bright]]. In whose
 +[[name]], [[friend]], have you retired from the [[world]]? Who is your [[Teacher]]?​ What
 +[[doctrine]] do you profess?'​
 +(Assagi replied): 'there is, [[friend]], the [[Great]] [[Sramana]] [[Sakya]]putta (i.e.,
 +[[Shakyamuni]] [[Buddha]]),​ an [[ascetic]] of the [[Sakya]] tribe; in His, the [[bless]]ed
 +One's, [[name]] have I retired from the [[world]]; He, the [[bless]]ed One, is my
 +[[Teacher]];​ and His, the [[Bless]]ed One's, [[doctrine]] do I profess.'​
 +'And what is the [[doctrine]],​ Sir, which your [[Teacher]] [[hold]]s, and [[preach]]es to
 +'I am only a young [[disciple]],​ [[friend]]; I have but recently [[receive]]d the
 +[[ordination]];​ and I have newly adopted this [[doctrine]] and [[discipline]]. I cannot
 +explain to you the [[doctrine]] in detail; but I will tell you in short what it
 +Then the paribbagaka (i.e., [[wander]]ing [[monk]]) [[Sariputta]] said to the
 +[[Venerable]] Assagi: 'Well, [[friend]], tell me much or little as you like but be
 +sure to tell me the [[spirit]] of the [[doctrine]]);​ I want but the [[spirit]]; why do
 +you make so much of the letter?'​
 +Then the [[Venerable]] Assagi pronounced to the paribbagaka [[Sariputta]] the
 +following text of the [[Dhamma]]: 'Of all [[object]]s which proceed from [[cause]], the
 +[[Tathagata]] has explained the [[cause]], and He has explained their [[Cessation]] ([[Nirodha]])
 +also; this is the [[doctrine]] of the [[Great]] [[Sramana]].'​
 +'And the paribbagaka [[Sariputta]] after having [[hear]]d this text obtained the
 +[[pure]] and spotless [[eye]] of the [[Truth]] (that is, the following [[knowledge]]):​
 +'​Whatsoever is [[subject]] to the [[condition]] of [[origination]] is [[subject]] also to
 +the [[condition]] of [[Cessation]] ([[Nirodha]]).'​ (And he said): 'If this alone be the [[doctrine]]
 +the [[Dhamma]]),​ now you have reached up to the [[state]] where all sorrow ceases
 +(i.e. [[Nirvana]]),​ (the [[state]]) which has remained unseen through many [[myriad]]s
 +of Kappas ([[Sanskrit]]:​ [[kalpa]], i.e.,​[[world]]-ages] of the past).'​ ([[Vinaya]] Texts I
 +[[Shariputra]] then went to his close [[friend]] of many [[lifetime]]s,​ [[Maudgalyayana]]
 +(see [[Maha]] [[Maudgalyayana]]),​ who also [[awaken]]ed to the [[teaching]]. The [[two]] then
 +went to leave the home-[[life]] under [[Shakyamuni]] [[Buddha]].
 +In the [[Shurangama Sutra]] [[Shariputra]] explains the [[method]] he used to [[attain]]
 +"From distant [[kalpa]]s until the [[present]],​ my [[mind]] and [[views]] have been [[pure]]. In
 +this [[way]] I have undergone as many [[birth]]s as there are [[grains of sand]] in the
 +[[Ganges]]. As to the various [[transformation]]s and [[change]]s of both the [[wp>​mundane]]
 +and the [[transcendental]],​ I am able to [[understand]] them at one glance and
 +obtain non-[[obstruction]]. . . .
 +I followed the [[Buddha]] and [[left]] the home-[[life]]. My [[seeing]]-[[awareness]] became
 +[[bright]] and [[perfect]]. I obtained [[fearless]]ness and became an [[Arhat]]. As one of
 +the [[Buddha]]'​s elder [[disciple]]s,​ I am [[born]] from the [[Buddha]]'​s [[mouth]],
 +[[transformation]]ally [[born]] from the [[Dharma]].
 +The [[Buddha]] asks about [[perfect]] [[penetration]]. As I have been certified to it,
 +for the [[mind]] and the [[seeing]] to emit [[light]] and for the [[light]] to reach
 +throughout [[know]]ing and [[seeing]] is the [[foremost]] [[method]]."​ ([[SS]] V]] 62-65)
 +The [[Heart Sutra]] and many of the [[other]] [[teachings]] of the [[Prajna Paramita]]
 +[[Sutra]]s are addressed to [[Shariputra]] in order to get him to turn from the
 +[[Hinayana]] to the [[Mahayana]]. [[See also]] under the entry [[Bodhisattva]] for the
 +story of [[Shariputra]] trying to [[practice]] the [[Path]] ([[Marga]]) of the [[Bodhisattva]]:​ "The
 +[[Venerable]] [[Shariputra]] Tries to [[Cultivate]] the [[Path]] of the [[Bodhisattva]]"​.
 +1) [[Chinese]]:​ she li fu , she li dz ; 2) [[Sanskrit]]:​ [[Sariputra]];​ 3) [[Pali]] [[Sariputta]].
 +[[See Also]]: [[Arhat]], [[Sixteen Arhats Puja]], [[Sixteen Arhats]], [[Eighteen Arhats]], [[Maha]] [[Maudgalyayana]] ([[Venerable]]).*
 +[[BTTS References]]:​ [[AS]] 69-71; [[HS]] 33-34, 120-121; [[DFS]] Ch2 107-109; [[EDR]] I 219; [[SS]] V 62-64;
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 +====== Fair Use Bibliographic Sources ======
 +[[Fair Use]]: ​
 +Primary [[Fair Use]] Compilation Source: [[Ron Epstein]], Ph.D, compiler, [[Buddhism A to Z]], Burlingame, [[California]],​ [[Buddhist Text Translation Society]], 2003, p. 
 +[[ISBN 0881393533]] ​ Paperback: 284 pages. ​ http://​ ​    ​ ​  
 +and many other sources (see [[Bibliography]]).
 +Primary Original Source: The [[Tripitaka]] of [[Sutra]], [[Shastra]] and [[Vinaya]] [[Dharma]] teachings (as found in the scripture storehouse of the [[India]]n [[Sanskrit]]- [[Siddham]],​ [[Chinese]],​ [[Tibetan]] and [[Japanese]] traditions of the [[Nalanda Tradition]] of ancient [[Nalanda University]]) of [[Shakyamuni Buddha]], and his [[Arya]] [[Sagely]] [[Bodhisattva]] [[Bhikshu]] [[Monk]] and [[Upasaka]] disciples.
 +These [[Good and Wise Advisors]] ([[Kaliyanamitra]]) [[Dharma Master]] teachers include [[Arya]] [[Venerable]]s [[Om Tare Tuttare Ture]] [[Om Ah Hum]] and [[Namo]] to [[Jivaka]], [[Charaka]],​ [[Lao Zi]] - [[Mahakashapa]],​ [[Ashwagosha]],​ [[Shantideva]] - [[Hui Neng]] - [[Shen Kai]] [[Sheng Ren Shr]], [[Bodhidharma]],​ the 16 [[Nalanda Acharyas]] 1. [[Nagarjuna]]-[[Manjushri]],​ 2. [[Arydeva]],​ 3. [[Buddhapalita]],​ 4. [[Bhavaviveka]],​ 5. [[Chandrakirti]] and [[Chandragomin]],​ 6. [[Shantideva]],​ 7. [[Shantarakshita]],​ 8. [[Kamalashila]],​ 9. [[Asanga]]-[[Maitreya]],​ 10. [[Vasubhandu]],​ 11. [[Dignaga]],​ 12. [[Dharmakirti]],​ 13. [[Vimuktisena]],​ 14. [[Haribhadra]],​ 15. [[Gunaprabha]],​ 16. [[Shakyaprabha]];​ [[Dharmarakshita]],​ [[Atisha]], [[Tsong Khapa]], [[Thogme Zangpo]], [[Nyingma]] [[Padmasambhava]],​ [[Yeshe Tsogyel]], [[Machig Lapdron]], [[Tilopa]], [[Naropa]], [[Milarepa]],​ [[Sakya Pandita]], [[Kumarajiva]],​ [[Xuan Zang]], [[Baozhi]], [[Hui Yuan]], ​ [[Daosheng]],​ [[Changzhi]],​ [[Fazang]], [[Han Shan]], [[Shi De]], [[Yunmen]], [[Nichiren]],​ [[Honen]], [[Shinran]],​ [[Kukai]], [[Dogen]], [[Hakuin]], [[Jamgon Kongtrul]], [[Nyingma]] [[Penor Rinpoche]], [[Bakula Rinpoche]], [[Dagri Rinpoche]], [[Kirti Tsenshab Rinpoche]], [[Geshe Lama Kongchog]], [[Longchen Rapjampa]] - [[Gosok Rinpoche]], [[Phabongkha Rinpoche]], [[Patrul Rinpoche]], [[Tenzin Gyatso]] the [[Dalai Lama]], [[Sakya Trizin]], [[Hsu Yun]], [[Hsuan Hua]], [[Lama Zopa Rinpoche]], [[Choden Rinpoche]], [[Garchen Rinpoche]], [[Karmapa]],​ [[Mingyur Rinpoche]], [[Geshe Ngwang Dakpa]], [[Geshe Sopa Rinpoche]], [[Seung Sahn]], [[Thich Nhat Hanh]], [[Ajahn Chah]], [[Ajahn Sumedho]], [[S. N. Goenka]], [[Mama Ayur Punya Jyana Pushtim Kuriye Svaha]], making [[offerings]] and [[b [[bowing]] at your feet I make [[request]]s. Please bestow on me the [[two attainments]] of [[Maha]] [[Punya]] and [[Maha]] [[Prajna Paramita]]. And [[Om Ah Hum]] thanks to other [[modern day masters]]. ​ We consider them to be in accord with [[Tripitaka Master]] [[Hsuan Hua]]’s "​[[Seven Guidelines for Recognizing Genuine Teachers]]"​
 +[[Nalanda Online University]]'​s teachings are based especially on the following [[Buddhist Scriptures]]:​ [[Lama]] [[Tsong Khapa]]'​s [[Lam Rim]], the Dharma Flower [[Lotus Sutra]], the [[Avatamsaka Sutra]], the [[Shurangama Sutra]], the [[Ksitigarbha Sutra]], the [[Bhaisajya Guru Sutra]], the [[Dharani Sutra]], the [[Vajra Sutra]], the [[Prajna Paramita]] Hridayam [[Heart Sutra]], the [[Vimalakirti Sutra]], the [[Sanghata Sutra]], the [[Sutra of Golden Light]], the [[Srimala Devi Sutra]], the [[Sutra in 42 Sections]], the [[Mahaparinirvana Sutra]], the [[Hui Neng Sutra]], [[Vasubandhu]]'​s [[Shastra on the Door to Understanding the Hundred Dharmas]], Maitreya'​s [[Ornament for Clear Realizations]] ([[Abhisamayalamkara]]),​ [[Chandrakirti]]'​s [[Supplement to Nagarjuna’s Treatise on the Middle Way]] ([[Madhyamakavatara]]),​ [[Vasubandhu]]'​s [[Treasury of Manifest Knowledge]] ([[Abhidharmakosha]]) and the [[Tantra]]s and [[Mantra]]s of the [[Vajrayana]] the [[42 Hands and Eyes]], [[Guhyasamaja]],​ the [[Kalachakra]],​ the [[Vajrayogini]],​ the [[Heruka]], the [[Chakrasamvara]],​ the [[Chod]], the [[Hayagriva]],​ the [[Hevajra]],​ the [[Yamantaka]],​ the [[Kalarupa]],​ the [[Manjushri Nama Samgiti]], the [[Vajrakilaya]],​ the [[Vajrapani]],​ the [[Vajra Claws Dakini]], the [[Mahakala]],​ the [[Tara]], the [[White Umbrella Goddess]] ([[She Dan Do Bo Da La]]), [[Kirti Losang Trinle]]'​s [[Grounds and Paths of Secret Mantra]], and [[Aku Sherab Gyatso]]'​s [[The Two Stages of the Guhyasamaja Tantra]] and their commentaries ([[shastra]]s) by the above Arya [[Tripitakacharya]] [[Dharma Master]]s. Making [[offerings]] and [[bowing]] at your feet I make [[request]]s. Please bestow on me the [[two attainments]] of [[Maha]] [[Punya]] and [[Maha]] [[Prajna Paramita]].
 +Secondary [[Fair Use]] Compilation Source: The [[Seeker’s Glossary of Buddhism]], 2nd ed., San Francisco, California: Sutra Translation Committee of the United States and Canada, 1998: http://​
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 +http://​​ddb - Based in large part on the [[Dictionary of Chinese Buddhist Terms]] with Sanskrit and English Equivalents (by [[Soothill]] and Hodous) Delhi, India: [[Motilal Banarsidass]],​ 1997.
 +Secondary [[Fair Use]] Compilation Source: Ehrhard, Diener, Fischer, et al, The [[Shambhala Dictionary of Buddhism and Zen]], Boston, Massachusetts:​ [[Shambhala Publications]],​ 1991.  296 pages. ​ ISBN 978-0-87773-520-5 ​ http://​,​
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 +[[Vasant Lad]], [[BAMS]], [[MAsc]], [[Ayurvedic Institute Gurukula Notes]], [[Ayurvedic Institute]],​ 1994-2006; ​
 +NOTE: Numerous corrections and enhancements have been made under [[Shastra tradition]] and "​[[Fair Use]]" by an [[Anonymous]] [[Buddhist Monk]] [[Redactor]] (Compiler) of this Online [[Buddhist Encyclopedia]] Compilation) ​
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