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 +====== Vinaya Sutra ======
 +see [[Pratimoksha Sutra]] or [[Sila Samukta Sutra]]
 +(Then the requester, standing as before says):
 +You who have been consecrated as regent of the matchless, precious king of sages, the crown jewel of all the wise, the master of the perfect doctrine, the lamp illuminating the precious doctrine, the beater of the doctrine, {if he is not one’s preceptor, but he has dharma connection: acharya; if he has no dharma connection: elder or spiritual friend,} compassionate great holder of the vinaya, in compassion pay attention to us gathered and assembled here. At this auspicious time, please recite the Pratimoksha Sutra, the Sutra Proclaiming the Dharma, and so forth.
 +(The acharya [or sutra-reciter] says):
 +First, please make prostration to the Teacher.
 +(Thereupon, everyone rises and makes PROSTRATIONS while reciting):
 +Teacher, Bhagavan, Tathagata, Arhat, Perfectly and Fully Awakened One, perfect in knowledge and good conduct, Sugata, Knower of the World, supreme driver of human beings to be tamed, teacher of gods and human beings. To you, the Buddha, Bhagavan, glorious conqueror Shakyamuni, I prostrate, worship, and go for refuge.
 +When, chief of bipeds, you were born, 
 +On this earth, you paced out seven strides
 +Then said, “I am supreme in this world.”
 +To you who were wise then, I prostrate.
 +With pure bodies, form supremely fine,
 +Like a golden mountain, wisdom ocean,
 +Fame that blazes in the three worlds, ​
 +Winner of the best, Lord - to you I prostrate.
 +With the supreme signs, face like spotless moon,
 +Colour like gold - to you I prostrate.
 +Dust-free like you, the three worlds are not.
 +Matchless wise one - to you I prostrate.
 +Lord, endowed with great compassion,
 +Teacher knowing everything,
 +Field of ocean-like virtue and merit,
 +Tathagata, homage to you.
 +Through purity free of attachment,
 +Through virtues free from the lower realms,
 +Uniquely ultimate supreme, peaceful Dharma,
 +To you I pay homage.
 +Showing the path which frees those seeking freedom,
 +Well established in the trainings,
 +Pure among fields possessing qualities;
 +To the Sangha I also pay homage.
 +To the principal Buddha homage,
 +To the Dharma, which protects homage,
 +To the Sangha Assembly homage,
 +Homage to the three always.
 +To all worthy of respect,
 +Bowing in all aspects,
 +With bodies many as all realms’ atoms,
 +With supreme faith I pay homage.
 +(The elder sits on the throne. A bhikshu removes his previous seat in front of the throne, everyone PROSTRATES to the elder and SITS down).
 + (The elder says):
 +In the rite prepatory to poshadha, as a practice in which teaching and listening to the Dharma are experienced,​ a sutra proclaiming the Dharma is to be recited, so please listen.
 +Mandara and the yakshas, with the gods, who dwell on Meru, of nature of finest gold.
 +Nagas who dwell in the underworld, dispelling darkness with the light of your jewelled hoods.
 +Vidyadharas who on snowy mountains enjoy and delight your minds with wealth.
 +All of you, come here, to hear the Sage’s teaching, door to excellent liberation.
 +Rulers of gods, asuras, human beings, and kinnaras,
 +Sakra and others, who have acted in the cause of Dharma.
 +The Buddha’s teachings are the cause of perfect peace and bliss.
 +Since they are being taught, come here to hear the excellent Dharma.
 +Further, it is a store of vast, profound, and precious virtues,
 +Most beneficial - to it have supreme faith and devotion.
 +Since there is nothing else to hear that is superior to it,
 +Taming the steeds of your senses, listen to the Buddha’s speech.
 +Put in your mind the source of prosperity of the hosts of beings, such as gods and nagas. The amrita that comes from the mouth of the Teacher. Here is the aural nectar of all embodied creatures, which drives out all the diseases of defilements. Therefore think correctly upon its meaning. For these reasons, it is right to listen receiving the Buddha’s words with the crowns of your heads. ​
 +With tusks of the ten powers’ samadhi and wisdom-knowledge,​
 +He ripped apart the cage of the nature of rebirth
 +And entered the wilderness of nirvana’s peace,
 +The elephant, our Teacher - homage to Him.
 +He who caring with compassion,
 +Taught the holy Dharma, so that
 +All wrong views would be abandoned:
 +Gautama, homage to Him.
 +He who severed totally the bonds,
 +Overcame all the hosts of tirthikas,
 +And having subdued Mara and his army,
 +Attained supreme awakening - homage to Him.
 +Just as rays of sunlight make a lotus open,
 +Light-rays of his speech illuminate the world.
 +The Teacher Shakyamuni is the compassionate lamp,
 +He who teaches the way of nirvana - homage to Him.
 +Supreme being. Driver of those to be tamed.
 +Cutter of bonds and fetters, Tathagata.
 +He with calm senses, pacified, skilled in peace,
 +He who dwelt in Sravasti - homage to Him.
 +He who has numerous hosts of precious qualities,
 +Pure wisdom-knowledge body, with excellent marks,
 +Golden in colour, worshipped by gods and men,
 +Bhagavan, god of the gods - homage to Hhim.
 +In the language of India, Sila Samyukta Sutra.
 +In English, The Sutra on Being Endowed with Morality.
 + ​(Everyone together says this homage):
 +Homage to the Omniscient One.
 + (The elder continues):
 +Thus have I heard at one time.
 +The Lord was dwelling at Sravasti, in Anatha-pindada’s park in the Jetavana, together with a great bhikshu-sangha of twelve hundred and fifty monks.
 +Then the Lord addressed the bhikshus: “Bhikshus. Consciousness grows dim, life is cut off, this life’s formations are swept away; even the doctrine of the teacher will certainly be destroyed. Why then do you not practise with energy and steadfast diligence? A human body is very hard to acquire. If when you have obtained it, and have also obtained going-forth (ordination) into the Conqueror’s doctrine, which you have found through it, you are led astray by what is unconducive to the goal of liberation, undoubtedly you will suffer.
 +“Bhikshus,​ to separate from life and die is easy but to damage and break one’s morality is not. Why is this? By separating from life and dying, this life’s rebirth is finished; but through damaging and breaking one’s morality, for a hundred times a hundred thousand rebirths one will be parted from good birth, abandon happiness, and experience great calamity.
 +1 “Therefore the Teacher speaks great praise of morality.
 + One with morality meets a buddha’s arising.
 + One with morality has the best of all ornaments.
 + One with morality is anointed with perfume.
 +2 One with morality is the home of all joy.
 + Morality is cool water, removing distress.
 + One with morality is praised by all the world.
 + Those who are moral receive superior destinies.
 +3 One with morality is unharmed by poisonous snakes,
 + Even the great black naga - why mention others?
 + A bhikshu with morality shines with light.
 + One with morality gains renown and happiness.
 +4 Just as without eyes one cannot see forms,
 + Without morality, one cannot see the Dharma.
 + Legless, how can one follow a path? Just so,
 + Without morality one won’t reach liberation.
 +5 Just like an excellent vase, a vessel of gems,
 + Morality is the base on which qualities grow.
 + Just as a broken vase is no good for gems,
 + With morality rent, all qualities fall away.
 +6 If in the first place one is without morality,
 + Do you think he will gain nirvana from outside?
 + Someone whose nose is missing or mutilated,
 + For example, will not need a mirror.
 +7 Though it is not heard by the ears or seen with the eyes,
 + People who guard the doctrine will go to good rebirth.
 + Who hear much, retain and protect it, good rebirth likewise.
 +8 How is it proper to frequent women?
 + Where is there joy in a royal palace?
 + How can foam have any essence?
 + Where is there permanence in enjoyments?
 +9 There is nothing proper in frequenting women.
 + In royalty there is no joy.
 + There is no essence in foam.
 + There is no permanence in enjoyments.
 +10 Enjoyments are like a rushing stream.
 + A mansion is like a boat.
 + A visible form is like a flower.
 + Life is similar to a bubble.”
 +When the Lord had spoken these words, Upali and the other bhikshus rejoiced, and praised the Lord’s teaching.
 +(When the elder has recited up to here, all should dedicate with one voice, saying):
 +Through these merits, may sentient beings attain
 +The rank of all-seeing, subdue the foe of faults,
 +And be delivered from samsara’s ocean,
 +Perturbed by waves of aging, sickness and death.
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