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Sour attributes according to AYurveda

sour is composed of fire and earth. The word for sour is amla. Sour taste decreases vata but increases pitta and kapha.Sour tastes increases your salivary glands and makes your senses sensitive. When sour is taken in moderation it is an anti-flatulent and anti-spasmodic. If one has an excessive amount of sour in their diet it may cause excessive thirstdiarrhea,hyperacidity,heartburngastritis edemaand ulcers. The right amount of sour in your diet is refreshing and energizes the body. When sour is positively effecting your psych it leads to an alert mind and focuses attention.Excess of alma leads one to be sour in life and make the mind critical and overactive.(page 244 chapter 9 Dr. Vasant Lad textbook of Ayurveda volume one)

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