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 +Sweet attributes according to Ayurveda
 +Sweet is composed of the elements [[earth]] and [[water]].Madhura means kind,​charming,​beautiful as well as sweet. Love is also [[madhura]]. Sweet flavor calms pitta and vata but increases kapha.When in moderation and balance sweet enhances [[ojas]]. Excessive usage of sweet can create imbalance within the doshas. Sweet is the best home for bacteria, fungi and parasites to grow, thus diminishing ones natural healing in excess. In a case where there is An imbalance of the sweet in ones life it may lead to diabetes,​high triglycerides,​heart issues,​brain problems,​kidney and pacreas issues.Sweet is nectar but may also be poison,per Dr. Lad.On an emotional note sweet has a natural essence of love and [[compassion]].In over abundance sweet will reflect negative qualities such as attachment,​greed and addiction.(page 242-244 chapter 9 Dr.Vasant Lad textbook of Ayurveda volume one)
 +The qualities of food that are [[sweet]] are mostly cooling,​oily and heavy.When used in moderation,​sweet nourishes the body and brings growth to all seven dhatus. Sweet taste relieves thirst,and proper use gives strength.In excess sweet provokes kapha,and may case colds,​[[congestion]],​heaviness and obesity. (Page 96 chapter 8 Dr. Vas ant LAd COmplete book of AYurvedic home remedies)
 +The qualities of sweet are represented by [[kapha]]. Tarpaka  kapha is mostly the white matter in our [[brain]]. The tarpaka kapha is in the meninges and cerebral spinal fluid,thus nourishing brain cells.This fluid is slightly sweet because of glucose and somewhat salty due to [[minerals]].The sweet and salty taste helps to nourish nerve cells and brings energy to [[rasa dhatu]] by way  of the sweet and salty flavor,this creates a feeling of happiness.(pg 74 Chapter 3 Dr.Vas ant LAd textbook of Ayurveda volume one )
 +The pancreas has a direct connection with regulating blood sugar.The job of the pancreas is to digest the water component of sugar,being sweet taste.Sweet has the elements of kapha ;water and [[earth.]] (Chapter 7 page 188 Dr. Vasant Lad textbook of AYurveda volume one)
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