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Time to Administer Herbs

Time to Administer Herbs depends on the vector (gati or direction) of the Dosha

Before Food - AC

Taking herbs before food acts on Agni, dipana - kindle Agni, acts on apana vayu - lower part of the body, colon (large intestine).

Take medicines before food if you get nausea from medicines or herbs or if you have tendency to nausea in general.

With Food

Taking herbs in the middle of the meal (mid-meal) acts on Samana Vayu and on the liver, spleen, and pancreas.

After Food - PC

Taking herbs after food helps digestion and is Ama Pachana, and acts on Udana Vayu and acts on the upper part of body, sinus, throat, and lungs.

Swallowing herbs with Food

Swallowing herbs with food at the same mouthful carries the herbs more directly to the stomach; and thus its first action is on Agni.

In Between 2 Meals

Taking herbs in between 2 meals acts on Pachaka Pitta, specifically the duodenum, jejunum, ileum

Moment to Moment

Taking herbs or sipping herb tea or sucking on an herbal losange is moment to moment dosage and in Sanskrit is called muhuhu, and acts on Prana Vayu. This “moment to moment” usage of herbs means every 10 minutes and it acts to calm Prana Vayu. e.g.: sipping on Licorice tea for asthma and cough.

[Chant]]ing Mantras or prayers is a moment to moment form of medicine that increases relaxed focused awareness (the Samadhi of passive choiceness awareness. Chanting also calms Prana Vayu.

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