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རྡོ་རྗེ Dorje

(In Sanskrit - vajra). Pronounced by Tibetans 'benzra' or 'benza'. Frequently one may hear the prayer: “Om Ah Hung Benza Guru Pema Siddhi Hung”, which is called the Vajra Guru Mantra of Padmasambhavba.

  • Vajra.

adamantine, vajra, supreme, indestructible, great Tibetan mountain range, 1 of 27 coincidences in astrology, See also: sbyor ba nyer bdun, 1 of 28 astrological terms for harmony of influence in the destiny of a person, prince of stones, infallible, indestructible, unchangeable, holy, venerable, Indra's thunderbolt, scepter, indestructible reality, indestructible state

vajra, thunderbolt, the prince of stones [diamond]. vajra-scepter. 2) indestructible, adamantine; vajra, diamond-like.

  • Indestructible Reality.

Vajra. 'Diamond,' 'king of stones.' As an adjective it means indestructible, invincible, firm etc. The ultimate vajra is emptiness, the conventional vajra is the ritual implement of material substance.

<ba dzra> 1) mi phyed pa dang, indestructible; 2) Indian weapon signifying upaya; 3) 1 of the sbyor ba nyer bdun; 4) rdo rje pha lam, precious, stone, jewel, thunderbolt, the prince of stones [diamond] vajra see also under indestructible reality - vajra-scepter, indestructible, adamantine.

vajra; isc. immutable.

vajra; indestructible/ immutable/ adamantine.

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