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 +'''​Virtue'''​ (Tib. [[དགེ་བ་]],​ ''​gewa''​) or positive [[behavior]] (Tib. ལས་དགེ་བ་) is defined as the [[mind]]'​s [[conscious]] [[intention]] to reject [[negative]] practices and to adopt their opposites. These are the active [[protection]] of [[life]], the [[practice]] of [[generosity]],​ the perfect observance of the [[vow]]s, the [[speaking]] of the [[truth]], the [[reconciliation]] of disputes, peaceful and [[discipline]]d [[speech]], speaking what is consonant with [[Dharma]], satisfaction with little (see [[renunciation]]),​ [[loving kindness]] attitudes toward others, [[belief]] in the [[doctrine]] of [[karma]], and so on.<​ref> ​ [[Khenpo Yönga|Yönten ​ Gyamtso]]: Vol. 1 of the Great Commentary on the [[Yönten Dzö|’’Treasury of Precious Qualities’’]]</​ref>​
 +==See Also==
 +* [[Merit]]
 +[[Category:​Key Buddhist Terms]]
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