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The Ayurveda Healing Arts Institute offers coherent professional Ayurveda educational programs for Ayurvedic herbalists and Ayurvedic practitioners; an opportunity with which to learn and integrate information and clinical perceptions in less time than if one tried to do it alone; a schooling that gives a base skeleton of knowledge to be expanded and fleshed-out with time and your own clinical experience.

Based on Teaching of Renowned Ayurvedic Physician Dr. Vasant Lad

The Ayurveda Healing Arts Institute offers a small class size with day, evening or weekend classes in the San Francisco Bay Area incorporating hands-on, supervised clinical case studies (supervised by Rev. Losang Jinpa, D.Ayur and others). Classes are held weekly at both the Berkeley Buddhist Monastery (unaffiliated) and the Medicine Buddha Healing Center. Our school offers in-depth academic Ayurveda coursework based on the ancient Ayurvedic classic texts and the clinical work of modern day Ayurvedic Physicians such as Dr. Vasant Lad, Dr. Bhagvan Dash, Dr. V.M. Gogte, Dr. P.H. Kulkarni, and Dr. Partap Chauhan.

Internet E-Learning with Multimedia Downloadable MP3-iPod Audio and Streaming HDTV Video:

Our comprehensive interactive and personalized curriculum uses both in-person clinical internship and apprenticeship combined with homework via audio-video lectures (MP3 and WMV), PowerPoint slides, excellent in-depth textbooks by renowned Ayurvedic physician Dr. Vasant Lad and others, supplemental reading and herb sample tasting. Distance Learning is available over high speed Internet via streaming audio-video and downloadable MP3, WMV and HDTV MPEG files.

It is the vision of the founders of the Ayurveda Healing Arts Institute to offer California's most complete program of in-person classroom-based instructor-led apprenticeship-oriented clinical Ayurvedic study while providing the Planet’s most comprehensive multimedia-based audio-video Ayurvedic Herbology distance learning program.

Based on 1600 Hour American Herbalist Guild Master Herbalist Curriculum:

One of the most common questions that the American Herbalist Guild (AmericanHerbalistsGuild.com) receives are “How do I train to be an herbalist?” and “How do I recognize a well-trained and competent herbalist?” In reply to these questions, as well in response to the growing popularity of herbal medicine and the need to maintain and promote the craft of herbalism in the United States, the Guild has established a core 1600 hour curriculum to serve as a common guideline applicable to herbal schools throughout the U.S. The Ayurveda Healing Arts Institute fully supports and subscribes to these guidelines of the Guild. The aim of both the Guild and the Ayurveda Healing Arts Institute is to honor, preserve, and encourage the many diverse traditions of herbal medicine, with the Ayurveda Healing Arts Institute focusing primarily on the ancient wisdom of the Indo-Tibetan Ayurvedic tradition while providing a basic clinical appreciation for both Western and Chinese herbs as well.

The curriculum of all six of our diploma programs includes Basic Human Sciences – Western and Ayurvedic; Assessment and Management of Health and Disease; Pancha Karma Massage and other Ayurvedic Therapies; Botany and Plant Identification; Indian-Tibetan-Chinese-Western Materia Medica from Ayurvedic perspective, Therapeutic Herbalism; Pharmacy, Pharmacognosy and Dispensing; Clinical Skills; Career Preparation, Practice Development, Ethics; History and Philosophy; Introduction to Research; Supervised Clinical Case Studies. Graduates of the Institute can be ordained through the Medicine Buddha Healing Center as either a Lay or Monastic Pastoral Counselor providing First Amendment Constitutional Protection to practice Ayurveda as their spiritual discipline, sacred duty and avocation.

Non-Profit Organization of the Ayurveda Healing Arts Institute:

The Medicine Buddha Healing Center® and its Ayurveda Healing Arts Institute® and Ksitigarbha Buddhist Hermitage (Monastery) was founded by several senior students of Dr. Vasant Lad in July 4, 2000 in Albuquerque, New Mexico and Berkeley, California, as a tax-exempt 501©(3) religious, non-profit association (a Buddhist Church also legally referred to as the Medicine Buddha Wholistic Ministry). Now located in Berkeley, California, the Articles of Association and By-Laws are open to inspection by any interested person by visiting our web site. The Center and Institute are governed by a Board of Directors and association officers, whose directives are carried out by Center and Institute staff, volunteers, faculty, students and members.

Our Teaching Mission:

The mission of the Ayurveda Healing Arts Institute is to teach Ayurveda, the ancient Science of Self Healing, using a traditional Buddhist-Vedic-Yogic approach including the sister disciplines of Sanskrit, Yoga, Vipassana Meditation and Buddhism. Our style of teaching comes from the time-honored oral tradition of Asia. Our educational approach is one that integrates modern multimedia e-Learning (for those wanting such an option), with an array of well chosen textbooks (predominantly by Dr. Vasant Lad) and learning aids, combined with the option of in-person classroom-based instructor-led learning and clinic-based traditional apprenticeship-internship where the student learns with the teacher who shares knowledge and experiences that aid the student in developing a theoretical framework and essential practical knowledge of Ayurveda. For homework, we use high-speed Internet downloadable iPod and MP3 audio with High-Def MPEG videos combined with regular telephone discussions with the primary teacher, American Buddhist Monk, Ven. Losang Jinpa, D.Ayur, Ph.D.

Database of Over 1000 Downloadable MP3 Audio Recordings and Tongue Diagnosis Photos of Patient Clinical Consultations:

Ven. Losang studied with Dr. Vasant Lad for 1800 hours in a six-year clinical apprenticeship and has served 5500 patients, 1900 of them with Dr. Lad. Ven. Losang has MP3 audio recorded more than 1000 clinical consultations with his patients since 2002. These are available to all levels of enrolled Ayurveda students via a search engine that allows one to scan the descriptive filenames of both the MP3 audio and JPG tongue diagnosis photos that anonymously indicate the patient's constitution (prakruti), vata-pitta-kapha imbalance (vikruti) and their symptoms. Thus, for instance, one can search for all of the cases of diabetes, constipation or chronic fatigue.

Immersion Training by a Dr. Lad-Trained Skilled Clinician of over 5500 Consultations Experience:

Our aim is to immerse the student in the principles and practices of Ayurveda that, when integrated into one's lifestyle, bring peace and harmony to the body, mind and spirit. The traditional Buddhist-Vedic-Yogic teaching style utilized is founded on self-awareness and growth through daily spirituality. The Ayurveda Healing Arts Institute is dedicated to creating a nurturing fun environment in which our students can discover the freedom to learn and make choices that encourage self healing and bring one into balance with the universe in which she or he lives. The goal being to create grounded compassionate and skillful healers committed to relieving the suffering of all living beings, from the individual, to the family, the community, the nation, the Planet, even to the entire Universe.

Before us lie uncharted worlds of opportunity for healing individuals, the community, the nation and the planet. As a premiere learning enterprise, the Ayurveda Healing Arts Institute must be the bridge between old and new, between East and West, which provides open access to intellectual challenge, self-discovery, and fulfillment of dreams. Students pursue their quests for lifelong learning through high quality, affordable education (by donation only). Students benefit from a caring approach to teaching and learning that provides personal attention and encourages individual growth. Through their education at the Ayurveda Healing Arts Institute, students are empowered with leading-edge knowledge and skills for their healing journeys into tomorrow.

Non-Profit 501©3 Charitable Purpose:

The Ayurveda Healing Arts Institute was established to carry out its non-profit purpose as stated in the notarized founding Articles of Association and Organization of the Medicine Buddha Healing Center. These can be summarized as: To systematically propagate spiritual knowledge to the society at large and to educate all people in the techniques of spiritual life and to “be” peace in the world. To provide religious and educational training in Ayurvedic-Buddhist-Yogic-Vedic culture for its members and society at large, and to grant Buddhist Ayurveda religious degrees (with optional ordination ceremonies for both laity and celibate monastics) for completion of training and merit to qualified Pastoral Counselors (Ministers). To promote religious tolerance – the right of people to hold religious beliefs that are strange to us, without hindrance, or oppression. To this end, the Ayurveda Healing Arts Institute supports the Creed of the United Religions Initiative (www.URI.org): “The purpose of the United Religions Initiative is to promote enduring, daily interfaith cooperation, to end religiously motivated violence and to create cultures of peace, justice and healing for the Earth and all living beings.”

After you have spoken with us in person at (1) 510-292-6696, please pay your full tuition here in order to complete your registration and receive your user name and password to the private student only website: www.BhaisajyaGuru.com. Then you have full searchable access to:

Over 1000 MP3-iPod audio recordings of Ayurveda patient consultations with tongue diagnosis photos Over 100 gigabytes of downloadable audios and High-Def HDTV Ayurveda videos recordings of classes with Ven. Losang Jinpa, D.Ayur, Ph.D and other teachers. Database of Ayurvedic, Tibetan and Chinese Herbs fully hyperlinked with formulas, diseases, symptoms and Ayur-Vedic Sanskrit glossary terms.

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