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Part of the AYR260 Buddhist Ayurveda Course on Ojas


Ojas - The subtle energy of kapha dosha; the essence of properly nourished bodily tissues (dhatu), it maintains immunity, strength, and vitality of the body.

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Ojas, Tejas and Prana: Understanding the Immune System and its Inseparable Connection to Generosity, Healthy Behaviors, Patience, Energy-Vigor, Clear Mindful Focus, and Wisdom

Course Code AYR260, Trimester Unit 0.25 , Class Hours 3.75, Prerequisites AYR250

2 5 Clinical Skills

Required Textbook Vasant Lad Dr., B.A.M.S., M.A.Sc., Textbook of Ayurveda, Vol I, Albuquerque, New Mexico: Ayurvedic Press, 2002. (800-863-7721 or 505-291-9698) www.Ayurveda.com, www.Amazon.com

Topics: Brief review of the transformation of tissues: see summary of Types of Agni lecture.

Intro to Ojas

Topics: Brief review of the transformation of tissues: see summary of Types of Agni lecture.

Intro to Ojas: - Ojas is the end product of the transformation of tissues, tissue metabolism; the pure essence of Shukra Dhatu and all bodily tissues. Ojas is the product of Shukra Dhatu Agni.

There are 2 types of Ojas:

Para Ojas, stable, refined Ojas and

Apara Ojas, raw, mobile Ojas.

The volume of Para Ojas is 8 gtts; the volume of Apara is 1/2 Anjali. - If one is doing Mantra, Meditation and observing celibacy (Bramacharya) then Ojo-Agni transforms Apara into Para Ojas.

8 gtts of Para Ojas enters the circulation and stays in the Heart.

Para Ojas becomes the ground for the cardiac impulse through the SA node, regulates the heartbeat and maintains the life energy of the heart.

Ojas in the heart also provides a ground for consciousness and makes possible the alignment of the inner bodies with the physical body.

Apara Ojas is mobile and circulates throughout the body nourishing the dhatus.

[[Doctor]] [[Vasant Lad]][[ has presented 2 versions of the [[origin]]s of [[Para Ojas]] and [[Apara Ojas]]. Dr. Lad emphasizes the first version. 

1) [[Apara Ojas]] is produced by [[Shukra]] [[Dhatu]] [[Agni]] and enters the [[circulation]]. 

When [[Mantra]], [[Meditation]] and [[celibacy]] are [[observe]]d, [[Apara Ojas]] is [[transform]]ed into [[Para Ojas]] by [[Ojas]] [[Agni]] ( the [[Agni]] of [[Sadhaka]] [[Pitta]]). This [[Para Ojas]] stays in the [[heart]]. The remaining [[Apara Ojas]] circulates throughout the [[body]].  

2) The [[Ojas]] produced by [[Shukra]] [[Dhatu]] [[Agni]] is [[Para Ojas]] which enters the [[circulation]] and then remains in the [[Heart]]. [[Ojas]] produced by  the other [[Dhatu]]s is [[Apara Ojas]] and circulates throughout the [[body]].]
===== Qualities of Ojas =====
Qualities of Ojas: - Ojas is a substantial biological substance. It is colloidal, liquid, slimy, sweet, unctuous, (cool); smells like roasted rice; looks like ghee; and tastes like honey.

Ojas is the fuel for Deha Agni, the sum of all the Agnis in the body.

Ojas has qualities associated with Kapha and is also described as the Pure essence of Kapha.

Functions of Ojas

Functions of Ojas:

1) vyadhi kshamatva, immunity.

2) arogya, positive health.

3) The vital life force; Ojas provides a media for Prana.

4) varna , color; Ojas provides a media for Tejas.

5) upachaya, Nutritional bulk.

6) Prabha, glow luster; auric field.

Ojas Imbalance

Ojas imbalance:

==== Ojo-Vishrama ====
[[Ojo-Visramsa]], displaced [[Ojas]]: 

Local [[tissue]] [[immunity]] is affected. Displaced [[Ojas]] can result in [[lymphadenitis]]; [[dermatitis]], [[eczema]], [[psoriasis]], [[scleroderma]]; [[rheumatoid arthritis]]. 

In [[pregnancy]] [[Ojas]] is [[unstable]], constantly [[moving]] between [[mother]] and [[fetus]] for the first 7-8 months. If the [[baby]] is born [[premature]]ly, [[survival]] may be difficult because of [[unstable]] [[Ojas]]. Unless the [[premature]] [[newborn]] [[receive]]s proper care, the [[baby]] may not have adequate [[stable]] [[Ojas]] to survive.



[[Ojas]] is increased beyond it's [[normal]]ity ( > 1/2 [[Anjali]]): [[Ojo-Vriddhi]] results in [[Kapha disorder]]s: [[obesity]]; [[diabetes]]; [[underactive thyroid]] ([[hypothyroid]]); [[high cholesterol]], high [[triglyceride]]s; [[hypertension]] ([[high blood pressure]]); [[congestive heart failure]]; [[cataract]]s, [[glaucoma]].

==== Ojo-Kshaya ====

Ojas is [[deplete]]d, [[decreased Ojas]]: [[acute]] [[depletion]] is releted to [[severe]] [[blood loss]], [[fluid loss]] and [[electrolyte imbalance]]; leads to [[dehydration]], [[dementia]], loss of [[sensory]] [[perception]], [[palpitation]]s, [[coma]]. 

[[Chronic]] [[depletion]] is associated with [[condition]]s such as [[tuberculosis]] and [[AIDS]].

==== Ojo-Vyapat ====


Ojas is affected by Doshic (Vata-Pitta-Kapha) imbalance

When affected by high Vata, Ojas becomes dry, light, unstable.

When affected by high Pitta, Ojas is “burned”, as in sickle cell or aplastic anemia.

When Ojas is affected by high Kapha, tumors (gulma) can develop in a particular tissue.

Fair Use Source: Vaidya Dr. Vasant Lad, Ayurvedic Studies Program Lecture 26; January 11, 2000: Ojas, Tejas, Prana, Albuquerque, NM: The Ayurvedic Institute

Printable pdf on Ojas can be found here: http://www.ayurveda-berkeley.com

“Ojas is the pure essence of all bodily tissues”

 - Dr. Vasant Lad, pg 213 //The Textbook of Ayurveda Fundamental Principles//, The Ayurvedic Text

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Fair Use: Vaidya Vasant Lad, Textbook of Ayurveda, Ayurvedic Press, 2002; Vasant Lad, BAMS, MAsc, Ayurvedic Institute Gurukula Notes, Ayurvedic Institute, 1994-2006; and Ron Epstein, Buddhism A to Z, Burlingame, California, Buddhist Text Translation Institute, 2003 and many other sources (see Bibliography).

NOTE: Numerous corrections and enhancements have been made under Shastra tradition and “Fair Use” by an Anonymous Buddhist Monk Redactor (Compiler) of this Online Buddhist Encyclopedia Compilation)

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