“How a person sleeps is important. Sleeping on the left side suppresses kapha and builds pitta. The greater curvature of the stomach goes down and the lesser curvature is pressed toward the liver, creating more acid secretion. People who sleep on the left side side can increase digestive fire but may have hyperacidity. People who sleep on the right side can calm pitta but might induce kapha aggravation, leading to sinus congestion. Sleeping on the right side brings more spleen energy, while sleeping on the left side suppresses spleen energy and builds more liver energy. When you sleep on the right side, the stomach empties earlier, because the pyloric valve is on the right. However, the food leaving the stomach may not be fully digested. Optimally, one should wait three or more hours after a meal before going to sleep so the stomach has emptied completely.”

Fair Use Source: Textbook of Ayurveda Volume 1, Vasant Lad, 2001, Subtypes of Kapha section

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